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I apologize in advance for the length. The dream is split into three parts. Here goes.

For a week or so I have been dreaming that I worked back at my old job. I’m happy to no longer be working there and cannot get why I keep dreaming of working there again. While I loved the people I worked with and liked the supervisor as a person, I didn’t like him as a supervisor at all since he was horrible at his job. In my recent dream I was again working there though my stay was to be very short. Unlike my past few dreams this dream was very different. The location of the place was the same yet the inside was much larger than it normally is. The interior of the place seemed to merge into a combination of that place and a place I’d worked 3 years ago. Nothing was where it was I remembered it to be. There were lots of offices, lots of people I didn’t know working at computers in cubicles and offices. There were the people I worked with recently and the people I worked with 3 years ago. I had the feeling that I wasn’t really supposed to be there, like there was mix up or something, but for some reason I was there and speaking to everyone about how I was back. My main objective was to say hi, but also to say goodbye for good to everyone so I was very happy about having that opportunity. Everyone I ran into, that knew me, was happy to see me, but had work so we couldn’t really chat. I went to find the two people I’d worked closely with but their desk wasn’t in the same location. When I was finally able to locate them, their reception of me was a little lukewarm. They kept telling me that the supervisor wanted to talk to me. So I tried to find his office but I was lost in the maze of doors. Every door I went through or corner I turned took me back to the same general area. It took me a half hour to find him. When I finally did find his office (which again looked different) I explained to him why it took me so long. It was then that I noticed my boss from 3 years ago was there also. She sat behind the desk like she worked there and was in charge. He stood off to the side and behind me by the door not saying anything. Pretty much like the stupid muppet he is in reality. My boss from 3 years ago did all of the talking. She started talking about my behavior, how I made excuses for things. One incident in particular was prior to my even meeting her and wasn’t the way I remembered it happening. It was very embarrassing and confusing. I couldn’t understand 1. What she was doing there and 2. Why she was talking to me about things she had no way of knowing about since I didn’t know her at the time. I looked behind me at the other supervisor and wondered if he really had to be there for all of this. I was becoming so tense and thought this cannot be real. It was at that point I knew I was dreaming and decided to shut it down.

The dream then shifts and I am working with two of the people from my last job only this time there was no supervisor around. We were simply working together on some project which entailed moving boxes into a room and clearing the carpets out. Things were pretty harmonious, similar to how it was in waking life when the supervisor wasn’t around. However I had this lingering feeling that I really wasn’t needed and was trying to fit into a place where I didn’t quite belong. The girls I was working with didn’t say anything but seemed to work better together yet I wanted to help them as best as I could and they allowed me to do so.

The dream shifted again and this time I was working for a different place with a different group. In waking life I don’t know who they were but in the dream we were all very close. We were on vacation as a group and traveling around the world. We stayed in a very nice hotel, went shopping at expensive stores, and had equally expensive spa treatments. Everything seemed a little on the futuristic side. For example, the area where you could receive manicures and pedicures was in a large, round, glass enclosure and could attach and detach from the shopping location with a push of a button. At one point we went site-seeing looking at building architecture. While I’m not into architecture, the buildings were really quite fascinating and impressive to look at. These buildings were also slightly on the futuristic side, but not that far in the future. I had the feeling that we were in England at the time. Yet we could also travel to places like France, Italy, and Egypt whenever we wanted. Though at this point in the dream we were mainly in England and Egypt and had made a brief stop in France and had yet to go to Italy. At one point I was in my hotel room getting ready to go hang out with two of my male coworkers. I was undressed while one was there and as the second came through the door I jumped on the bed and rolled onto the floor with a sheet covering me. I wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed in fact the whole thing was quite comical. So much so that we were all laughing about it. However, I did keep the sheet on and requested that one of them hand me a robe to wear. I remember it being very pretty and colorful and recalled getting it in China. As I was putting on my robe we simply talked about what we were going to go. We’d decided to go to drinking at a bar in Egypt. The dream then shifts and I am in Egypt at the bar. I’d traveled the long way to get there as usual, which was a short trek through the desert. I didn’t see my coworkers but instead saw the person who was supposed to be my boss. At some point a friend of his came through the door. After some time had passed, she’d told me about how the doors in the hallway led to different locations around the world. I was surprised to hear this and wondered why I didn’t know about it. I also figured I could use the doors to get wherever I wanted to go in the future without having to travel the long way again. I went to open the door and sure enough I saw six doors. One door led to France, the other door led to Italy, the other for some odd reason led back to Egypt. I opened that door and saw that it led out to the desert and there was a sandstorm in progress. There was a guy riding a camel trying to make his way to the door. Another door led right back to my hotel room in England, another led to the shopping/spa center in England, and the last door led to a completely different location all together. No one, but the adventurous went through that door as it as it was to a place where some hideous monster type of creature resided. I decided that I didn’t really want to go anywhere else at that time but was happy to know that if I did want to leave that I no longer had to go the long route. I ended up staying at the bar with my boss and his friend. Sometime later someone let the door open to the creature and it ended up coming into the bar. I remember there being a lot of commotion and people rushing to fight it but I wasn't afraid at all. I was actually quite happy and content. Yet what ended up happening is a complete blur to me since I was in the process of waking up.

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Re: Work

Past experiences of employment are common because of the impact they had and to dream of them would represent the aspects/fears related to those jobs. If you will take these jobs and apply them as aspects of your inner emotions I suspect there will be an understanding of their possible application as well as impact in your life. The first job you mention, the one that seemed larger than it was, probably means it had a more recent if not more significant impact on you. Together {the interior merging} with the previous job of 3 years the jobs left an identifiable impression on your psyche. Lots of emotions and responsibilities related to the employment {lots of offices & people}. Having the feeling you were not supposed to be there most likely means you didn't want to be there while you were and would not want to go back. Saying hi and goodbye would be a brief remembrance of the past and the environment you were in.

The two bosses, one male and one female probably represent your 'yin and yang', controlling masculine and feminine aspects. The superior aspect is the feminine which in many instances in dreams represents higher emotional stress. 'She' knew about the 'prior incident' because she is a part of you and not the real person you knew. The male boss is in a submissive position which may not only suggest your true feelings toward him but how your masculine self functioned them {if not still}. The higher feminine position may also suggest personality traits. Do you feel confident about yourself but not to an extent you are able to present this attitude in the outer world ? The context of dream, revisiting the past employment experiences, may be about this aspect of who you are. Self confident on the inside but not so much on the outside. Being able to shut down this aspect may suggest when you get to the point of needing to be more forceful in particular situations you may lack the ability to do so.

The next paragraph seems to point to different aspects about yourself where parts work well together but a third feels insignificant. This could be related to the personality traits I mentioned above. The inner self is unsupervised which means your true self has parts that feel out of place in the outer world.

The new group of workers may represent new aspects you now experience or more likely wish to experience, you wish to be different from your past. You need to be able to explore your inner self so to present a stronger outer self. The futuristic building is your whole self, your 'structured' self as you wish it to be {this would fit with Freud's 'wish fulfillment' aspect of dreams}. These impressions are 'futuristic', or desired, but with the knowledge related to your actual personality {lacking the ability to be as dominant in your outer personality}. Being undressed in front of the two men would mean you need to expose this inner self to the outer world {the male co-workers are again aspects of your inner being}. The desire to be the stronger person on the outside would take you to new places, unexplored previously {England, France, Egypt, Italy}. But as much as you wish to expose these feelings you still tend to cover them up, keep them hidden.

The different countries you mention may have deeper possible applications, perhaps related to recent experiences in your life related to them. China is in the orient a place more attuned to different value system than in the West, the people are more introspective. Egypt is often thought of for its ancient ruins. Choosing Egypt may be about your past, those 'ancient experiences' that are the foundations of who you are today as a person. In choosing this path {an inner journey, psychological} you encounter sandstorms which would represent emotional conflicts. Deserts are barren places and in dreams would represent barren aspects within yourself. The door that leads to a different location, one you are not familiar with, is the one that leads to the 'hideous monster' within your experiences in life. You have to be the adventurous type to take this route. Letting in the monster into the bar would be letting this 'negative' aspect into your conscious memory. You would have a fight on your hands if you were to do so but not being afraid in the dream is what needs to be your attitude in real life.

My impressions of the dream is it is addressing traits of personality that have its roots in earlier life. Although the parts about past jobs do relate in some aspects to those experiences, they too are pointing to 'past work' from your earliest beginnings {Egypt}. There are dominant feminine aspects {emotions} that overrule positive masculine qualities of your personality. The jobs point not only to real experiences and feelings about them but also your inner self and those aspects.

The second paragraph depicts a change, possibly reflecting recent experiences where you begin to view things a bit different. The looking back to the past leads you to look forward to the future {psychologically}. Something has changed that is more harmonious to letting you look to opening up to the deeper aspects of your inner being. But there is still a reluctance to completely open up to parts of yourself.

The reluctance would be related to the door where the monster resides. I sense this monster {monsters are negative emotional experiences in your life from the past} is not a overly traumatic experience but one that did influence your life to the point it now defines who you are. What happened in the past 'is a complete blur'. Opening up to what that experiences/influences were is what I believe is the primary intent of the dream.

Has anything changed recently that has led you to reflect on the past? When someone posts a dream for interpretation it is often due to a recent experience that causes them to do so. Something beyond the norm.


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