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The oneness

Hi Jerry,

I believe the journey that you are seeking is the journey of the oneness. If you have a opportunity try to download Alan Watts discussion called "OUT Of YOUR MIND".( Start with this link. Although Jung journeyed the path of the oneness, he did not complete it through. It is good that you moved close to a body of water, it will help you in your focus. We are all capable of seeking the truth within ourselves - all you have to do is open you heart and that is not easy - separating yourself from the ego is hard work. I wish you a great journey, may the ONENESS of the endless sea show you the way back home.


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Re: The oneness

Thanks for bring up the subject. I am very familiar with Alan Watts having learned of him many moons ago in my education from Joseph Campbell. Anyone who seriously undertakes to learn about Eastern philosophy can not but admire and relish Watts. His book The Way of Zen introduced to many Westerners the philosophy of Buddhism {I think of Buddhism as a psychology and not a religion} and paved the way for its legitimacy as a path to wholeness {oneness}. His expounding the virtues of 'not doing' is often mistaken for idleness when it fact it is the fabric that provides the soul its release in the human form. His popularization of words like 'oneness' and Tao {the Way} have become common vocabulary for those of us who understand the concept of the 'inner journey'. Who else could hold an audience captive than Watts with his call to be "Empty and Marvellous" and "Sitting Quietly, Doing Nothing". Talk about stress release these proverbs are today what we do when we meditate with Yoga. Be still, respect the moment, breath,


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