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Jet fighter, evasion, a house and underground tunnels.

Figuring this one out:

I had "acquired" a jet fighter from the United States airforce. I did not know at that stage how I had obtained it, but I felt I had done nothing wrong. When I talked about it people said I should not - that someone would come for me.

I was at home with my family when I heard a helicopter coming. I sensed danger so I knew I had to run away. I left my family home as I watched an Australian army helicopter approach my house. I went into hiding.

I came upon an army officer on a wooden bridge violently questioning a child. I confronted the officer to help the child. I overpowered the soldier and began tying him up so he could not hurt the child. He told me that there was an old man approaching. I told him I already knew and I already knew who it was so I was not afraid (it was Gandalf approaching on his horse drawn cart).

He called out to me "Ho! Look what you are standing on!" It was a wooden bridge and I instantly knew this was a trap to lure me onto the bridge. I leapt from it as the bridge went up in flames. The soldier who was tied to the bridge would be burnt alive and out of sympathy I shot him to put him out of the horror of being burnt alive. As I did it Gandalf called out not to, but I did anyhow. The reason he told me not to shoot the soldier is that now I was the one who killed him (not the fire on the bridge) and this would lead to later incrimination for murder. It also allowed the army to zero in on my position.

I ran and tried to hide in a farm house, but the roof was blown in and soldiers began dropping from the ceiling. I killed as many as I could until I was overwhelmed and I dropped and rolled through the floorboards. There was a series of tunnels under the house in which I could hide indefinitely from the soldiers.

Whilst I was hiding under the house it came out in the news that there was evidence been released that I had been setup. I had been forced to take the aircraft by the United States, and was innocent.

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Re: Jet fighter, evasion, a house and underground tunnels.

I write this first paragraph after I have already written my interpretation. Because of the actions in the dream, jet fighters, helicopters, wizards and such, I needed to sort through the dialog to get a feel for whether the dream was addressing something deeper and personal in your psyche {related to emotional concerns related to early life experiences} or whether it is a depiction of current experiences in your waking life. I ended up choosing the later since the patterns did not seem to point to traumatic or difficult early life experiences that may be in conflict.

It is a very explicit dream that may suggest a need to 'liberate' something within yourself. Acquisition of the jet fighter puts you in a position of attack or to defend yourself against something negative in your life. There is inner debate about this position, perhaps because you are not sure of your position. With that said there may be an unconscious denial or repressed feelings in play.

A helicopter often symbolizes desired goals/achievements and there may be something threatening the security in your position associated with those aspects. Hiding could be a denial or repressing your true emotions.

A 'ranking' aspect of this internal emotional debate may be related to a need to protect developing ideas or projects you are involved with. But other aspects of your life are keeping you from progressing. You may need to acknowledge you do not know all there is to know before you can be successful in this venture. It may require 'wizardry' to overcome the difficulties that lay before you. But your confidence is not lacking although the soundness of your position may be.

Your grand ideas may not be as 'flame retardant' as you had hoped or planned. You may be 'killing' real possibilities by presenting a wrong attitude. Ambitious aspects of your position need to be considered so you do not self destroy any opportunities for success.

What is possible may be threaten by the exposed wrong attitude you possess {unconsciously knowing this wrong position}. Consciously seeing this brings about doubts if not negative possibilities. You bury these negative concerns from conscious attention.

You are setting yourself up by a "higher force' or greater power {United States}. This may suggest your conscience will intercede if you continue to ignore the negatives. Flying too high may seem like a good position but in the end it could cause you to self destruct as far as this aspect of your life is concerned.

My sense the dream is about some project or actions you are involved with. You have set a course that may not be as sound as you presume it to be. Consciously you may question your position but you put these concerns aside despite better judgement. Unconsciously though this positioning has a greater force that you could have imagined. It may come down to a matter of conscience to whether your proceed on this set course of whether you change course and 'do the right thing'.

Does this fit anywhere in your waking life?


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