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Re: Dream Interpretation

First off, your dream has nothing to do with an actual death or dying. There is no mention of a death in the dream, just a 'supposing' there is. And if there were it would symbolize an end to some aspect of your emotional life and not an actual literal death. Dreams seldom predict the future, they compensate what you already know or 'feel'.

Here is my summary of the dream if you wish to read it before trying to digest the breakdown of the interpretation. After you read it come back and read the whole interpretation and my conclusions and explanations.

In all dreams there are two meanings/applications of the symbols and dream.
My sense is one aspect of your dream is pointing to emotions of empathy toward your significant other and may have been induced by two factors. One was his two dreams of his teeth falling out and the other your own similar feelings about yourself. Let's analyze his dreams. Because he has had the dream more than once would suggest it is something that is on his mind, a conflict of emotions..

Teeth falling out could have several possible meanings. A feeling of decline in appearance or health are two good possibilities. Ugly teeth come with aging and bad health {we know teeth can affect the immune system}. Another is a loss of confidence. These symbols would apply to his dreams and his emotional state of mind since the dreams were his {your dreams are about your emotional self, his about his emotional life}. Look at his recent experiences to determine which fits best. Or discuss with him recent thoughts and feelings about himself. You may discover what it is that explains his dreams and provide clues to your dream.

The second meaning/application. Unconsciously {basement-any place beneath the surface represents some aspect of the unconscious-the deeper you go the deeper into the depths of the unconscious} you empathize with his emotions which not only reflects a conscious emotion for his situation but also your own. You identify with what he is feeling because they reflect similar feelings about yourself. His being a part of the dream is about your emotions of empathy toward him. But he would also represent you, he being your masculine side {animus}.

Dreams are therapeutic. Emotional conflicts a person has are being dealt with in dreams. The dream is attempting to resolve the emotional conflicts. Dreams use symbolic language because it is from our 'primordial' zones of the deep unconscious that dreams originate.

There are definite unconscious elements that 'enter' into the equation. The basement is a prime location within the dream. This may suggest these emotions are not yet consciously realized or acknowledged, by you. This may be due to the emotion toll it would cause if you consciously acknowledged this aspect {about to buckle from underneath and fall}. Your SO could represent your lack of will, a masculine aspect. This would cause you to hold this 'tighter' within your unconscious knowing it would cause this emotional strain. You need direction {another masculine aspect} in dealing with this matter which would provide a 'healing' {hospital} to the problem.

Sad and helpless, a lack of masculine qualities. Could it be you share more than just one emotional conflict. Are the 'two' of you a lot alike? Or/and could it this has been 'placed' into both of your minds and it has become an emotional conflict for the both of you? You are attempting to hold onto him in the dream but he 'buckles'. The 'underneath' would be an unconscious recognition of this 'declining' position and it needs to be made conscious before there can be a true healing. This is what the dream is attempting to do.

My sense is you and your SO share an emotional conflict. His dreams of teeth falling out may provide clues to just what it is emotionally you share. Consciously you may recognize this in him but unconsciously you may not see it in yourself. I also see similar personality qualities being addressed in the dream. He represents your masculine side along with his own personality {those you feel about him}. If you can determine what the teeth falling out in his dreams represent {see my suggestions} then you should be able to identify what your dream is trying to communicate. You are having trouble with your 'masculine side', a reference to not only your SO's emotions but also your own masculine qualities. Something is lacking in both of you and my sense is it is all about these teeth falling out. You are sharing these emotions and the conflict that goes with them.

If you will post his dreams in detail I may be able to better give you an understanding to them.
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