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Re: a dream of three dragons

If your not acquainted with Jungian dream psychology I suggest you read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams. This will introduce you to how Jung looked at dreams and the methods I use to interpret them.

First Part of the Dream
The 'he' that is mad at you is you {although it may involve another male being mad at you also}. You are emotionally upset about something about yourself. It most likely, in one aspect, involves the woman you are dating online. Another aspect may involve the relationship with your father, perhaps due to past experiences of dependency on him. Has there been an attitude change on your part in some way to that relationship of dependency? And what about this long term affair you are having on the internet? Does that enter into the equation, perhaps frustrations having to do with the cyber world which is a part of your life?

Despite the conflicts involved you take it upon yourself to 'shovel' through the emotions {dreams are about the emotions of the dreamer}. What you are looking for is wholeness in yourself {basketballs are round/circular which often symbolizes a desire for wholeness}. But there are fears associated with this task of doing it along. You may be 'shrinking' away from what needs to be done to accomplish this task. The opportunities you see are narrow to begin with but because of emotional fears they are getting more narrow.

What is preventing you from achieving what you want in life? Have you put yourself in a place that makes it difficult to achieve what you want internally? If so what are the reasons for that? I sense this is a part of what the dream is trying to communicate and help you sort out.

Second Part
There are unconscious as well as conscious barriers {tunnels connect things together-opposite ends to one another} that prevent you from achieving the wholeness you seek. This wholeness may involve dependency from your father as well as the world you made for yourself in the present time. I do sense elements of fantasy involved in this part of the dream, and your psyche {do you spend a lot of time on your computer?}. The wizard would be that part of you that has the power to achieve wondrous things in your life including personal growth {moving away from dependency?}. The three dragons may represent three choices or possibilities. The first would be to choose those things that warm your soul, to create your own existence. The second would to leave things as they are, living in a 'cyber world' and living in limbo that is your life at the moment. The third would to be to regress to that world you wish to get away from, one you see your brother living in {his relationship with your father}. It is the dragon of being your true self {dragon with heat} you must choose and the rest of your life will fall into place and you will be on your rightful throne as conqueror of those unconscious barriers.

But there is a caveat to being on your throne. Your dependencies and your fantasy world. You are capable of achieving these goals of wholeness but you must make the correct choices and not let it only be a fantasy. You possess the power to be fully human but you must use the powers of the wise 'wizard' to achieve it. The two things I sense that may be holding you back {as illustrated in your dream} are your dependency on your father and the world you have created involving your computer and the internet. Are you still dependent on your father in many ways? Is your use of the computer/internet a created world of escape?

{most likely there are three things holding you back. Being true to the dream which uses symbols of three dragons to define more than just one thing about the dreamer's psyche being addressed in the dream. The third thing may be addressing inherent aspects you possess that come from the father. But that would be getting to deeper issues that I don't see clearly in this dream. Or it may involve a third aspect that is not as strong emotionally and thus not a part of the dream. That may involve the relationship you have formed with the 'woman on the internet'. Is that real or just a fantasy? {it may be real in that it is happening but is it a reality that has real possibilities or is it too a fantasy?}

I try to be honest in my interpretation of a dream, to state what I see it. If you will be honest in your response to my interpretation {does my interpretation make sense?} you may find a path that helps you resolve the dilemma I sense you are in. We all dream, several times a nigh, every night {see REM Sleep}. To have a dream that is strong enough to have you post it for interpretation may be important. This dream may be the beginning of a major change in your life. If so are you going to choose the first dragon from your dream and follow up or are you going choose one of the other two possibilities that leaves you were you are. I see the second dragon as escapism {computer/internet} and the third a life of dependency on others.

Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

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