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Another of My Dreams and Jung's Approach to Interpreting It

Remembered another dream upon waking last night about moving two separate times to a new residence. The first was from a home I lived with my mother into a home that seemed to really fit. The second move was from that home to a home where a younger man lived, he already living there. A scene from that move showed me taking a bath {no ladies, there was no exposure of my deliciously tight and tanned 62 year old body} in an large outdoor sized pool. While taking the bath several other young men came in, friends of the younger guy I was sharing the residence. The young man who I shared the home with also wanted to take a bath {separately} so I needed to hurry to finish my bath. I had a hard time finding the soap and had to use shampoo instead. My last though in the dream was 'why did I move from the second home where I was comfortable to this house full of younger men?".

The dream stayed with me this morning after I awoke without much effort in retaining it. Reflecting on the dream I readily interpreted it. And as usual it depicted what was going on in my waking life. That aspect of the dream is what I really want to comment on, the fact dreams reflect the true emotions of the dreamer using symbol and metaphor. Having worked with dreams for 15 years, more than 8 years at this Forum, I can equivocally say Jung got it right when it comes to understanding dream. Time and again I find my interpretations fitting the dream contents {primarily other people's dreams}. Of course the reason I know this is from the response I get from the dreamer after my interpretation. It is easy to think 'how great I am' when the ego needs boosting but when there is a supply of evidence that is from a deeper source it would hard to explain otherwise {about the correctness of the interpretations}. And now that I am able to put 100% effort into my dream work I see even more positive results, and a confirmation of Jung's approach.

I have been a defender of Jung's theories from the beginning when I was interpreting dreams at other venues and confronting different theories. I can see now that the intuitive aspects that allow me to 'see into a dream' was there long before I realized I possessed a higher level of intuitive awareness. Jung has withstood the test of time, that is evident from Googling dreams and dream interpretation and the results overwhelmingly producing Jungian pages {which was not the case when I first began building websites and using the internet in 1998}. I must say every now and then I think about returning to those other dream venues and 'say I told you so'. But that is not very spiritual is it?

As for the interpretation to my dream. When I moved to Palm Bay, Fl from Murfreesboro, Tn. I left my aging mother behind {she lived 20 minutes from me}. The first move to a home that fitted was to Palm Bay, a move after taking early retirement, something I had been wanting and planning to do for a long time. The final move to the younger man's house. Well that is my second career {after 34 years as a contractor} of working with dreams. But more than that it is the arranging workshops and classes on dreams. Yesterday I finalized the first workshop with my new minster at the UU Church in Melbourne. He, his wife {who has experience working with dreams using Jung and will help facilitate the class} sat down and made the final arrangements after church. I also have meetings with the minister of the UU church in Vero Beach and with the owner of a well established metaphysical bookstore to discuss classes and workshops.

The young men in the second new move. Partly reflecting my anima but also probably having to do with my contacting a local college to advertise the first workshop. And not having soap while taking my bath. That is one that will need further investigation but probably has to do with the 'cleansing' I feel I am getting, a renewal, due to the efforts I have put into making come true my desire to do what I am actually, and finally able to do in working with dreams. The replacement shampoo is easy to explain {on one level}. I have gone from using regular soap to using body wash, which of course comes in bottles, as does shampoo.

Amazing how dreams will take different aspects of the dreamer's life and make a riddle of them. It is like putting a puzzle together, and at the same time an investigation similar to that of a detective. Add an ounce of Edgar Cayce and you get....me!

Does that sound like an 'ego' pronouncement? You must remember I am an extrovert and do fall short of perfect wholeness {we all do and will for ever do so}.

Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

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