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Spiritual Awakening Dream?

In my dream last night I went to the counter to pick up a ring I had made for me, when I approached the counter I had no recollection of what I had ordered. The lady came out with a ring, it had a large red jewel inset into it, with a skull and another symbol inside(I believe a crown).The symbols looked similar to the way black ink is in water, and when I looked into the ring I saw a stream of historic moments, from some of our greatest ancestors. I believe I saw some old presidents and historic leaders in some of the visions.. I distinctively remember the old style clothes and the powedered wigs. As I withdrew my gaze The stone went back to the ruby with the symbols in it. I was seriously freaking out and immediately told the clerk there was no way I had ordered that, that I had seen dead people(well visions while they were alive) in the ring.

I awoken after that.

Its funny though, because the last time I had this energy in my dream(not even close to my normal dreams) I was in some sort of cave, something was coming after me and my family and we came across a Mayan temple inside this cave. It was ominous, and the entrance was encased in darkness. I felt a pulling towards it, but at the time I had a bad feeling about it. It was ominous and unknown. I told my family to get out, but to not enter the temple. That's all I remember of that dream, but still that temple and the energy from it were impossible to forget. That was a few months ago.

One thing I know for sure is the energy signature is the same. Something is calling out to me in my dreams. Does anyone have any idea as to what?

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Re: Spiritual Awakening Dream?

Hi Nicky,
I luv your profile image. I don't know if you know it but the number 4 {11:11 time on the clock represents wholeness in Jungian psyche. The black background the numbers are posted would be symbolic of the unconscious. Is this by chance the actual time you woke up from your dream?

Also, your dream is the second dream today that seems to be dealing with deep spiritual aspects {all dreams have elements of the spiritual aspect} as well as archetypal images.

As for your dream. A ring is another symbol for wholeness. Being circular it represents completion. And because the dream does start out with your 'ordering a ring' {as well as the number 4 and the Subject name of your dream being 'Spiritual Awakening Dream'} there is a very good chance the dream is indeed addressing spiritual matters.

Note: The first part of a dream sets the stage for what the dream is trying to communicate. This is what Jung termed the exposé.

The fact you had no 'recollection' may suggest this is something unexpected in your waking life, something recent perhaps. If you look at recent events in your waking life there may be an experience that fits this 'unexpected' experience.

The ring with the red jewel may symbolize strong values and/or powerful forces. The first would point to personal values you may have grown up with {inset representing inherent or experiences inset from early life} and the later powerful unconscious forces. Those forces would be supported by skull and crown symbols. The skull could represent death. Not your physical death but a spiritual death. And anytime there is a death there is a rebirth. Jesus' death and resurrection is symbolic of death to the ego centered self and a rebirth or resurrection to the spiritual Self. The crown is a symbol of the highest achievement and being within the skull {which could also be symbolic of the head or thinking aspect} suggests a focus on this greater aspect of your being.

The black ink in water along with the 'stream of historical moments of our greatest ancestors' may represent the going into the great depths of the 'collective unconscious. This would represent a major transition in your life if realized. Black ink in water is symbolic of the unconscious, doubly so, black and water. That too could point to the collective unconscious. The ancestors would be archetypal images I linked to above. It represent is your ancestral psyche, inherent/innate characteristics we all possess that come from up from the ground of being.

Your dream seems to be focused on a particular time period, early America. There may have been recent experiences where you saw these images or it may be an interest you have in them as a reason for there being a part of your dream. But the symbolic references is what is important. They are pointing to times in the past. This may have to do with early life influences, the strong 'values' you grew up with. Those values may have to do with religion and the language in the dream of 'no recollection of what your ordered' may suggest something you have lost contact with or rejected. True spiritual values are more than just religious dogma.
The old style clothes could also be pointing to your past. Clothes represent the persona, what we wear on the outside. Wigs cover up what is underneath the thinking self, which would be a spiritual ground {Carl Jung, a scientist, found within the psyche a spiritual aspect along with the other various aspects that make up the psyche}.

The ending of the dream is important. The stone goes back into the ruby. This may signify you are once again searching for spiritual values. The symbols are the ritual of our mythical religions. This may be something you had not contemplated until recently, a spiritual identity. Freaking out could mean you are adjusting your sights on other spiritual possibilities if in fact early life religion is not your thing in the present ground {something you had not ordered}. Seeing dead people alive may fit with this also {Common Dream Motifs}. They would represent people who may have past on or in your past and possible resentment from those experiences. They could also symbolize instinctive forces, ie guilt feelings, that need to die. In such an instance the dream may not only be addressing spiritual matters in the present but also emotional conflicts to do with guilt from your past all dreams have at least two meanings/applications}.

Are you involved in a spiritual search? Or has there been recent experiences having to do with spirituality and/or past experiences to do with religion or spiritual concerns? There are images that are not quit archetypal but still would suggest it is vital you discover their meaning. Let me know your impressions of my interpretation and where you are in life and perhaps that will provide further insights to what this dream is attempting to communicate.

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