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I had this dream a week of so ago -

I am inside a car; in the back seat
at first I am alone
For some reason (not in the dream) - I am stuck inside the car - ? i it because it is dark outside (completely dark, totally black)
I am trapped - and that is bad enough;
then I realise that my wife is with me in the car also
and then I get worried -really worried about our safety, esp her safety

I hear noised outside, and start to scramble to lock the car from the inside: I am not familiar as to how the car will respond - whether pushing the lock button on one door will lock all the doors

I am scrambling to get this done; asking her to lock the doors ( I cannot see what she is doing; and hope she understands the urgency)

as I am doing this I hear noises of someone / something banging on the outside of the car

and I scream :: I wake up as I muffle the scream; knowing I have screamed in my sleep (asked my wife in the morning = yes)

m m m m

A follow-on theme from from my previous dreams teh bulging out / me forcing them back in
*** this is 'from the inside' / how it feels on the inside ::

many thanks, Justin

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Re: Trapped

The car would be you and being stuck would indicate being stuck with the direction in life. Being in the back seat is an inferior position to be in.

The outside is dark, probably of an outer experience. Something is bleak.

Your wife is having to experience this position you are in. Her safety from your psychological emotions is a concern.

You have locked yourself inward. This may suggest there is something within your unconscious that is locked away. These psychological attitudes have control and you do not know how you will react in your waking life to the unconscious stimuli. By locking away this one aspect the unconscious control takes over your whole being.

You are working to resolve these issues. Without resolution you will lock her out of your inner life {psychological} and eventually your outer life.

There is something, experiences from the outside {waking self} that needs to be made conscious.

Could this dream have to do with childhood experiences/influences that unconsciously are/were controlling your conscious life?

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Re: Trapped

hi Jerry and thanks,

yes I concur with your interpretation , ,, , locking myself in , , , shutting myself off , , ,out of fear of something that is in my unconscious (it was dark outside)
it certanly reflects my attitude to my work situation, however that is the superficial aspect

your query - "could this have to do with childhood experiences / influences that unconsciously are (were) controling my conscious life" = yes, this is the issue , , I sense this is exactly what is playing out and yet I 'cannot see' / do not know what it is ,,, somewhat concerend because I see its effects and don't know if my responses are appropriate


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