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plane crash

I was being pressured to take a flight I did not want to take; the flight was to leave England the destination was unknown. I entered the plane it was a giant cramming as many seats as they could I had a seat in the very tail of the plane. I remember I did not want to take the flight it felt as though others had made the decision and plan it without any say or control on my part.
The plane took off but soon in flight began to crash; it crashed in the English countryside. Miraculously I walked from the wreckage there were no survivors. I could not fathom how I survive my head was in a daze I wander to get help. I walked into a village and wandered into a church hall.
There I found my old tai chi instructor who I thought was dead (he is in the waking world). He was teaching and when he first saw me ignored me. I approached him and said his name and then said” it’s me David” he reluctantly acknowledges me. I think I said to him “your alive I thought you were dead but I’m so happy you’re not” it seemed he had chosen to wipe his past and did not want to openly discuss it, I’m not sure but I think he said he was dead. it felt like in the new place he had to meet the social needs of his new environment but he willfully forgot the past. He did speak with me more but out of ear shot of others.

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Re: plane crash

I am sensing something from the dream but can't put a finger on exactly what it is. That isn't unusual since a lot of personal stuff is involved that only you can know about. The end of the dream suggests something you practice or believe in may not be accepted by 'social' standards from those around you. The first part is fairly recognizable for what it is {overloaded with stress and emotions}. Then there is a 'return' or thoughts of returning to 'old practices' which may involve spiritual matters. Those are what are not acceptable, from others and/or from yourself {seems to be past negative experiences involved with it}. Here is my interpretation to the full dream.

You are likely pressuring yourself to look beyond your waking life to see what lies unconsciously within. You are resisting this. Your life crammed with emotional 'stuff'. You are at the end of your 'wits' because of the stresses in life. You feel you have no control over your life due to the outside pressures.

There may be direct pressures in your life for the feelings described above. Or it may be just the overall stresses you are overloaded with.

You are afraid of 'crashing' from the overloaded emotions/stresses. Mentally you are in a daze. You are seeking something beyond the physical to help with this emotional strain.

You have past experiences with spiritual practices but have not utilized them as you should. You acknowledge this part of yourself and want to bring it back to 'life'. You hope in return this will bring new life to you. There is something related to this past experience that you wish to wipe out and not give your emotional energies to. But that was the past and in the present you feel it is now acceptable. There may be involvement from other people around you that where such spiritual practices must be keep secret {not acceptable to them}.

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