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Godzilla Attacks?

Pretty much what the title says! Godzilla came to a city we live close to, and the news said he was heading in our direction and they were telling everyone to evacuate while we still could. I considered going and fighting Godzilla with my lucid powers, but then decided against it because he was just too huge, I would be like an ant compared to him. So my family began this mad rush to get ready to evacuate. My parents had us pack up all our most precious belongings because our house would most likely be destroyed. Tons of people were already dead and Godzilla had left a trail of destruction in his path because the government hadn't found a way to stop him yet. We packed everyone on the car and I was getting nervous because on the news Godzilla kept getting closer and closer to where we were. I was about to get in the car, then realized I had forgotten my headphones in my room. I wasn't leaving without those, I need music, so I ran upstairs. But trying to get to my room was impossible. Everything became strange and disjointed, floating in this colorful, trippy space. It was all the houses I've ever lived in, since I move around a lot. I was disoriented and it was tough trying to decide which house I should go in to get to my room, finally I picked the house I lived in from 5th to 7th grade. So I made my way there into my room and got my headphones. The trip back was easy, and everything was back to normal no more weird floating houses. As I was about to leave I bumped into my dog and realized I couldn't leave her behind so I grabbed her and her leash and took her to the car too.

We drove for quite a while, my dog in my lap. I had a scare when I thought we left my sister behind, but she had just crawled out of her carseat. Then at one point, the window was open and my dog climbed over to stick her head out it. I always get nervous when she does that since she's a small dog, a corgi and could just fly right out. Of course in the dream she does just that. She landed in a barrel of water and turned into a slip of paper that said "DOG DEACTIVATED" yeah I don't even know. Anyways I freaked out and told my dad to pull over but we were on the highway surrounded by cars and my dad said we didn't have time to stop now, we'd have to come back and hope to find her after this was all over, who knows when that would be. This made me start bawling hysterically but then my dog leapt out of the barrel only in this crazy beast form, so she was much bigger and looked like some sort of monster. She looked around and saw she'd been left behind and looked sad but I called out to her and she perked up and raced after the car. She caught up because her beast form was really fast and she leapt through the window and turned back to her normal self. Then I was so happy and held her tight the rest of the way. We drove on and then came to a point where the highway was closed due to intense traffic so we had to turn back. We went back home and meanwhile Godzilla was way closer. I was having a panic attack and my mom said to calm down and let my dad figure things out which is what normally happens. So my dad decided we would drive through the already attacked parts of the city to get out. No one wanted to drive through there because of all the wreckage and dead bodies everywhere, so there would be no traffic and we would be able to leave quickly, even if it would be disturbing. As they were discussing this and I was urging them to hurry up, my siblings blissfully unaware of the gravity of the situation, I woke up. Any interpretations are welcome! Thanks for reading

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Re: Godzilla Attacks?

I'll interpret the dream according to the breakdown of paragraphs in your dream. Often the change of sentencing structure reflects changes in the dream. Here is the interpretation for the first paragraph.

The Godzilla in your dream may have something to do with the 'disjointed' life of moving from one place to another so often. How is your family life? Packing up all your precious things would be more than just materialistic possessions, it would also be any normalcy you have in life and that could have 'monstrous' affects with a life that is constantly in flux. You may be experiencing an ongoing 'death' of normalcy because of the constant 'destruction' of packing up and having to relocate so often. You don't know where you are in life {which house you need to go to}.

Floating in colorful 'trippy space' sounds like a trip on drugs. Something seems to have helped release the emotional stress brought about your Godzilla 'monster'. Could it be your music that takes you away from the stress? Or do you indulge in some type of drug use? No confessions needed. Just an observation from the dream.

The house you lived in from the 5th grade to the 7th grade. Were you happiest in those years? It could have been you were settled in for a longer period of time than you normally stay before having to pack up and move again. In dreams a house is most always symbolic of the dreamer or some aspect of the dreamer. This house was one you felt best, a little normalcy for awhile at least.

Are you emotionally attached to your dog? She may been one normal aspect in your life? That could be one reason the dog is something you don't want to leave behind. But symbolically the dog could be how you feel about yourself. Your may feel you are an after thought to your parents, a dog on a leash being pulled around in every which direction {car} you move to next.

Second Paragraph
Your dog in the second paragraph is probably a reflection of your own emotional state of being. The fears you have about the dog reflect the inner fears you have about your own self and life. Feeling left behind is more than just being left while your family moves on without you. It is a general feeling of being left behind in life. There is no normalcy there like most other teens your age get to experience. The stress of moving and constant changes would make anyone 'nervous'. You would like to escape this life of constant flux.

There may have been an actual experience where your dog was left behind but overall the dog is you in much of the rest of the dream {she is used as a metaphor of your life}. Do you sometimes feel like you are losing control, capable of being a 'monster' to yourself? Do you feel dispirited, depressed at times, felt hurt because of your life? The beast she/you turn into may represent the feelings of insecurity. But because you are pretty much a happy person outside your home you are able to jump back to that positive self despite the lack of normalcy in your family life.

There seems to be more recent experiences that may be the reason for this particular dream. Things may seem to be getting worse. In the dream, your dad normally figuring things out, is probably a reflection of it really is in your waking life. I would assume he has a job where he has to move a lot {military service for example} or he has trouble keeping a job or worse. The intense traffic may be the intense stress you currently feel in your life. And/or it may represent less choices for your family in the current position you are in. This cause you to have to go back to some thing you have done before. That could represent having to 'get up' and moving again. Things may be pretty bad in your family life, perhaps or seemingly worse than usual. The end of the dream would likely reflect the current condition in your life. That does not sound good.

Is the above a good representation of your family life? I get the impression your love your family but the moving around so often takes a toll. Does your father have problems supporting the family? Be cause you are young and did state more than once the parts about moving and you family are actually true, I see the dream as a reflection of your life. The Godzilla in your dream would be the 'monstrous' life you are living with the constant changes. There is no normalcy. Let me know your impressions and perhaps we can learn more about the dream and about this monster that keeps threatening you.

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Re: Godzilla Attacks?

Wow! Thank you very much. Your interpretation makes a lot of sense to me. This has been a very tough time in my life, since we just moved again at the beginning of my senior year of high school. I've never done drugs or anything like that, but I do use my music as an escape, as well as my imagination so I guess that counts. I do think that that house was where I was happiest, though it isn't the place I've lived longest. It was the last time I had a group of friends I really cared about and they felt the same for me. Honestly after I moved from there my life started to go downhill. We actually made our last move because my dad lost his job, but not because he was a bad worker, the company was reorganizing and fired like half the staff. The normal reason we move so often is because my dad gets offered new jobs or gets promoted and that takes us all over. It was fun when I was a little kid, but I wish we would've stopped moving once I hit middle school really.

I do love my family dearly. We are all very close. However I do believe this last move has put a great deal of stress on all of us, and my parents were really high tension for a while but it's better now that we've settled in. I found connection you made between me and my dog interesting. I was surprised she turned into a beast in my dream because usually I'm the one who turns into a beast, it's one of my lucid abilities, my sort of invincible form. In that way she was mirroring me I guess. As for the last part, it's true I'm not doing so hot right now. When we first got here was the worst and I have gotten myself out of the darkest parts, but it's still not quite ok yet. Anyways thank you for the excellent interpretation! :)

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