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Black and White (death of a freind)

A close friend of mine died two week ago in a tragic mishap and i had a dream related to this event. In the dream I talked with a paramedic who was at the place were his body was found, this paramedic was a kid i graduated with. IN the dream I asked him what my friend looked like dead. He simply shook his head and walked away. It seems like a simple dream but it gets strange.I have never dreamed in black and white and this particular dream was all in black and white , like an old Hitchcock or Kurosawa film. On top of that, the next day I ran into that same kid on the street and asked him what my friend looked like dead, and he told me he was unrecognizable and then walked away.

What is the significance if one dreams in black and white instead of color?

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Re: Black and White (death of a freind)

The first possibility of the dream would be the 'trauma' of your friend's death. If the body was unrecognizable that suggests a horrific death. That may be playing on you and could be 'one' reason you had this dream.

Other possibilities.
Paramedics are people who provide health care in emergency situations. Because your dreams are about you and your emotional life there would be a need for such 'health care' {psychological} for you, either for the emotional healing concerning the tragic death of your friend or/and some other emotional aspect. The 'emergency' here, addressing this particular experience, may be due to the unexpected death of your friend. In a deeper sense if there are emotional conflicts in some other aspect of your life there may be an emergency if remedying that also. The deeper aspects would have to do with earlier life emotional experiences such as childhood trauma or issues where there was a lack of a good home environment. The recent death of your friend would likely be the primary reason for the dream unless there are severe emotional conflicts from earlier life.

The paramedic in the dream whom you graduated with would be in your dream likely because there is something you identify with in his personality. He possesses something you either like or dislike.

Dreaming in black and white, as in old Hitchcock movies, may related to the 'horror' of the experiences I pointed to above {either the actual event and or the deeper aspects}. There also likely be an influence of those type movies because they struck you in a way that focused on the style in which the horror was presented. In other words if you had not seen these types movies {you seem to know enough about them to have seen them more than once} you may not have dreamed in black and white. The movies influenced your dream just as did the inclusion of the paramedic friend.

Another possible reason for the black and white dream is these are opposites which suggests conflict. The conflict would be an emotional conflict on your part {again to do with either or both of the reasons I suggested}.

The unrecognizable state of the body of your deceased friend my be in reference to something unrecognized about yourself, in particular your emotional self. The body would be yours. If there are early life emotional conflicts they may gone unrecognized until now {my mentioning the possibilities may stimulate memories}.

As for seeing the actual friend later and asking him how the deceased friend's looked, that may have simply been a co-incidence. But there is the possibility that such a chance occurrence was a sychronistic event. If this is true then such a chance meeting would relate to a need to look at your own 'emotional body' and see what aspects of that is 'dead'. Are there past emotional conflicts in your life that need healing? Early childhood experiences {a lot to do with a lack of good parenting} may need to realized so there can be a healing. In my life my interest in dreams was precipitated by a 'chance' occurrence 20 years ago. If not for that I may have never realized my great interest and abilities in dreams. Fate has a way of doing such chance experiences. But you may not realize the full impact until later in life {if it is synchronicity} because you are so young. Deep emotional conflicts don't usually show up until later in life {mid-life} when you 'naturally' start to reflect on your past.

And you thought this was a simple dream. Few dreams are that simple, they all have meaning. Some simple to understand, others difficult because they do address the deeper emotional aspects of the dreamer's life {we all have these deeper issues}.

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