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Strange dream about soccer game

Dear Jerry,

I had a strange game about a soccer game.

The English premier leauge Chelsea, was playing against another soccer team. However, this match is on water, on a river which the players are running on water. Their are stands on either side of the river. Spanish international, Fernando Torres takes a penalty kick on a small ireland and kicks the soccer ball which goes just about it goal.

I was thinking "how on earth can he kick this ball on the water over such a distance".

So the key things are the soccer team Chelsea, soccer match played on a river and Fernando Torres, who I admire myself.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 and England

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Re: Strange dream about soccer game

Obviously you are a football fan and that has influenced your dream. But the dream is less about football than some 'emotional' experience you had recently or are having. The dream is likely denoting your competitive nature {and probably reflects personality traits} but this competition is an inner one as much as an outer one. The water denotes unconscious emotions and walking on water may suggest a progression of emotions toward some aspect in your life. Stands on both sides of the water may suggest you need to have a balance of emotions or a balanced approach toward this aspect. You may be punishing {penalty} yourself die to emotional conflicts concerning this aspect. It is affecting you negatively and it is becoming a constant source of negativity. You may be substituting competitive sports for other aspects of life that is lacking.

A good chance the dream is addressing an over involvement emotionally to your competitive attitude. May have something to do with your interest in soccer. I know when I was a sports freak {which I no longer aspire to} if my team lost it ruined my whole week. I put too much emotional energy into the winning/losing aspects.

In a deeper sense the dream may be addressing personality issues overall. Are you very competitive in other aspects of your life besides sports? If so you may need to reign in these emotions and seek a better attitude toward life.

Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 62 Space Coast, Fla.

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