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I am dead

Hi Jerry ............... This morning I had the strangest dream, i woke up to my own sobbing ..... In my dream I woke up and came downstairs (my house as it is in waking life), my living room door was open, and as I entered I saw a paper taped to the door, on it was a list of rules set out by my son. I glanced at it and smiled and gave a little laugh as I passed by it, but did notice the first rule "Shhhhhhh, when I'm downloading" .. I entered and my son was sitting on the couch in a relaxed manner watching something on the tv. I said "Hi love, everything ok" and sat down on the couch beside him, but slightly turned toward him. He said "Yea I'm ok, just watching this on the telly". I looked around me and noticed that my wallpaper was grey with black pattern on it, and tiny little patterns of yellow were flecked about here and there. I said to my son in a perplexed voice "why did I put this paper up"? and thinking to myself, that it wasn't nice. I then said to my son "It's weird isn't it, that we're dead, it's hard to believe that, it's a weird feeling", my son responded saying "I know, I don't want to be dead, I wont be able to cuddle ****" (saying his daughters name], I said "I know" .... The dream changed, and we were in a park, I saw a little toddler walking with her arms stretched out (it was my granddaughter), she was saying "dada dada" and walking towards her mum who was crouched down with her arms out. My son crouched down and outstretched his arms, as if she was walking towards him, he was smiling. As the baby got to him, he put his arms around her, and she walked right through him going towards her mum .......... I woke up then to the sounds of my own sobbing, and then realised I had been dreaming, but it took me a little while to calm down, and when I reflected on the dream, it made me feel so sad inside, and my eyes got tears again .................. Why did I dream that both myself and my son were dead? The wallpaper is something my husband would choose and put up (if I wasn't there) :o)... My granddaughter is only a couple of months off from learning to walk ..... Could you explain to me Jerry please, why did I dream we were dead?||||

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Re: I am dead

The two of you of being dead could suggest there is something that is 'dead' in relationship between you and your son. And/or it could mean something has or is coming to an end. There is something you have been thinking about coming downstairs 'from the head'} and you are opening up to it emotionally. The rules set out by your son may suggest you may need to be less emotional {downloading} in this aspect in the relationship with him. Pressures may be spilling over and affecting that relationship {turning slightly toward him}. You may be letting your 'depressed' attitude {grey wallpaper you put up} get in the way of your relationship. What should be a more normal relationship with you and him is 'dead'.

As for the change in the dream. Your granddaughter walking toward he mother would indicate good feelings about your granddaughter who is ready to learn to walk on her on. But those feelings are not there when it comes to your son. The relationship between you and he have become different from those you have with your daughter. This is a continuation of the strains in the relationship in the first part of the dream.

Has there been something recently that has affected your relationship with your son? Is there some aspect of that relationship that is coming to an end {dead}? This seems to be the primary message from the dream. Such emotional experiences in your waking life could cause you to wake up the way you did after this dream.

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Re: I am dead

Thanks jerry .................. I do understand your interpretation of my dream, thank you ...... My mum has not been well since last October (a fall where she broke her nose, and damaged her ribs, followed by a stroke 10 weeks later], and I have been spending a lot of time with her. I try to see my son and his family as often as I can, but with home life, work and Mum, I don't see him as much as I feel I should or as much as i would love to, and it makes me feel sad, because I personally feel it is building a wall between us (my feelings) ......... Thank you once more jerry ... I will work on my emotions, and try not to 'download' them onto him :o) x

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57 ... Lancashire

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