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Adventures in the City

Ok this was another one of my open-world lucid dreams. I had it a few months ago around the same time as the tree one.

It was about going back to visit my old friends where I used to live before this. We met up in the city and decided to spend the day together. This part of the dream was pretty normal, we just went shopping, had lunch, whatever. Then we bumped into one of my old guy friends who for some reason wasn't happy to see me. (He never is in my dreams, he always acts really flat and apathetic in my dreams for some reason. Normally he's hyper and silly) He was just like "Oh it's you. Hi." and I was like ok haven't seen you in ages since I moved but whatever. Then all 4 of us went sort of urban exploring, and that's where things got interesting. As we walked I noticed this little black car that sort of looked like a police car was following us wherever we went. Inside the car I could vaguely make out several men in black suits with sunglasses and earpieces, the looked like members of the CIA or something. They made me feel nervous. I saw them and suddenly knew I was dreaming. Usually when something is following me in a dream, it's bad news, so my guard was up. Then we were checking out this huge old building that a lot of other people were looking at too, it was pretty dilapidated. We walked around inside it, it was airy and light and pretty cool. But then an earthquake hit. Not a very big one, but it was enough to send the ancient building into a collapse. So huge chunks of debris are falling everywhere, the ceiling is caving in and everyone starts this mad rush for the exit.

As we were about to get out, I saw a man in a wheelchair who was panicking because he couldn't escape due to a the debris all around him. No one was helping him, just running past and the ceiling was about to fall in and he would die. I speculated the situation and decided this must be some sort of moral test my subconscious was giving me. I leapt out past the man so I was safe, then started tugging him to safety. As I did, 2 nice girls saw what I was doing and helped me out by pushing him from behind so we saved him. He was very grateful and I felt happy that I'd saved him. Then me and my friends had a band rehearsal, so we went to that but as we walked I realized we had somehow become separated from my male friend, he had just dissapea

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Re: Adventures in the City

On one level I believe we have established your masculine aspects as being a dominant part of your life. In this dream meeting the old guy friend who wasn't happy to see you probably is addressing a positive aspect of your masculine self that you can seldom utilize. You have had to use these masculine aspects so often as a protective source, a negative aspect you wish you could change {it makes it difficult to be hyper and just plain silly}. But because you do have a positive focus on life {teenagers possess a natural reliance} you are able to explore the other possibilities to this masculine self. The goal is to use this aspect as a higher source {police car}. But because of your past experiences {family life} it is hard to do this {your guard always being up}.
Note: On another level this may also be addressing aspects having to do with relationships with guys. It is hard to be interested in a guy because you know you will probably 'move'.

In both aspects to do with the positive masculine, being able to use them is a dream {suddenly knew I was dreaming}. The negative aspects are constantly an unconscious source of 'surveying' you, not letting you use them as positive tools.

The huge building is your inner 'building' and the dilapidated conditions is how your life feels at times. Generally though it is 'kool' {reflecting the natural positive attitude in life}. That is until the minor emotional experiences occur in your life when you have to move {minor earth quake}. Once again you are having to 'exit' from a normal life and move on again.

This again would address the other aspects to do with relationships. You are constantly having to 'exit' any possible relationships with guys.

The man in the wheelchair is your handicapped masculine self from which you can not escape {unable to escape the negative and use the positive aspects of the masculine}. This is testing you strong inner resources. You are able to use other strong aspects of your psyche, feminine qualities, to help get past this emotional issue.

On the other level this would be addressing female friendships you form that help alleviate any negative feelings to do with the relationships you can not form with guys. Is there something you do 'artistically' {band} that may also help you? Creativity is a feminine aspect.

I see the dream addressing your masculine aspects {a constant in your dreams}. This time it is looking to the positive aspects that are being subdued because of having to be the 'strong' one due to your family life. this is affecting not only your inner life but also outer relationships with guys. You probably are able to form strong relationships with other girls {identifying same experiences help you to do this} and that helps. Plus the creative aspects would help also.

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Re: Adventures in the City

I don't know if the dream applied to relationships-that guy friend of mine was gay haha. I don't really blame my moving for not being able to get relationships XP I would agree with everything else though. Oh and did the wine mean anything? I don't know why they kept giving it to me.

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