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I became a truant?

So basically my dream last night consisted of my oldest younger brother and I running around breaking rules just for the sake of breaking rules. We ditched school and spent the day driving around like crazy people. Sometimes I'd even let my brother drive een though he hasn't even taken drivers Ed yet or gotten his permit. We cut people off and crashed and sped and all that. This one cop followed us all over town. We got pulled over a ton by this cop, but he never did anything. He would just tell us to stop speeding or causing trouble or whatever, then he'd leave without so much as giving us a ticket. Since we weren't being punished we ignored the cop and did whatever we wanted. Finally the cop got so fed up he told us he'd give us 10 bucks each if we'd let him drive us home and promised we'd go to school. We agreed and felt proud that we'd cheated the system and made the cop pay us just to go to school. But when we got home he handed us these certificate that said $0.00 on them and made snarky comments about us being punks. We didn't want to put up with that, so I told my brother we should get back at him. I tore my certificate in half and stuck it in the cop's wipers. My brother tore his too but then he grabbed this small dog from the neighbor's lawn and said he was going to sneak it into the cop car. I ran away so I wouldn't get caught. But I ended up running into this chihuahua that walked up to me. It looked scared and its teeth were bared at me. I thought it must be lost so I let it sniff my hands and cooed at it and it calmed down and licked me. Behind me I heard the cop discover the dog my brother had put in his car and he screamed out he was deathly allergic to them. I decided I was going to avoid the cop and help the chihuahua find it's way back home, and I walked from house to house to see if the dog ran into any f the yards but it didn't it just stayed with me, wagging its tail. Then I heard a boy cry out and I was afraid the cop had finally snapped and attacked my brother so I ran to where the yell was. The little kid school bus had just returned from school and it turns out the cry I'd heard had been my youngest brother tripping and falling off of it. My mom was comforting him and urging him to tell his bus driver about this kid who apparently bullied everyone on the bus but my brother didn't want to. Anyways that's pretty much it.

It's weird because I'm not like that in real life at all, I was a total rebel and just awful in that dream and in reality I would never act that way, neither would any of my siblings.

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Re: I became a truant?

The basic jest I get from the dream is your strong masculine aspects are having to be utilized because of your family situation and you want to rebel against that {would rather not have to live in the manner you do-wishing for better things}. The prime symbols of an older brother {which in real life you do not have}, the cop {the higher regulating authority of your psyche} are aspects of yourself. The chihuahua would be a small vocal part of yourself that is a constant in your life. The fact you have to be strong {big brother} in your waking life is not how you wish to be. You had rather have less {youngest brother} responsibilities but real life requires you to be strong {big brother}. One requirement is having to 'mother' your siblings.

There may also be actual experiences involved in the dream. The little brother being bullied on the bus, does that have any real life associations?

Overall I see the dream as a continuation of how family life is for you and the responsibilities placed on you at such an early age. You have to do these things but because of your positive attitude you do so without being disagreeable {dog with waging tail}. You would be lost if not for the strong characteristics you possess.

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Re: I became a truant?

Ahh ok! I was worried at my behavior haha. As to if there is a specific event related to the bus I'm not sure.... I've never been actually bullied before but when I was around my youngest brother's age (9) some kids (girls) would tease me because I was a tomboy and hung out with guys a lot. But I never really took them seriously, sort of just laughed along and said "Yes he is my boyfriend" and whatever, and it wasn't ever that malicious anyways. But I suppose it could've been referring to that. Also the brother in the beginning of the dream was one of my younger brothers, when I said oldest younger I meant he was my brother closest to my age. However I still think the meaning applies haha. Thanks! You have helped me realize many things about myself :) and dreams too!

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