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Life changing proposition

I had this dream I was younger, around my 20s, very humble looking.
I was walking by the street when a boy threw something at me in a playful way, expecting to see me angry. As I got upset, he said I shouldn't get mad.
An older man looking like an outsider, a bit of and adventurer, approached us and asked the kid to apologize. "Buy the lady an icecream." I accepted.
We had icecream at the beach, where the older man said he was friends with the boy. The kid had worked for him during the summer.
The boy asked the man to give me a ride home. But as I got inside the car, they locked the doors so I couldn't get out. They said they wanted me to see something beautiful, so I should go with them. It would be a quick ride. I started crying, asking them to let me go because I should be at home by night. My mother was sick and she needed me. They ignored me and the older man started driving. "You'll never regret this" - He promised.
When we got there by night I couldn't believe my eyes. It was this secret, mysterious, isolated island. The colors were very bright. The lake was shiny and there were gorgeous trees and a set of white stairs.
The older man kept looking at me feeling very happy about the joy I was feeling. The boy was playing around with a little asian girl wich was visitating the island alongside with her foreigner mother.
There was a huge elephant and a huge tiger. They were both white, calm and extremely observative. The tiger was a mother of three little tigers.
I wanted to thank the older man for having brought me there, when I got caught deep into his eyes as they were so bright and clear. That's when he said I was his soulmate and we were meant to be together. Staying with him I'd always get to see beautiful places as this island and we could take the boy with us. Even though I was charmed and deeply attracted to him, I said I couldn't because I was married. And my mother needed me because she was sick.
I looked up some meanings in the dream dictionary. As far as I understood I should relate the lake to my mother and the older man to my father, is it? I'm not sure how to connect all these meanings. Specially when the figures in my dream seemed so delightful and my father. i could never connect theolder man to my father, for instance. We have a horrible relationship, I don't feel anything good about him at the same time, I got a bit confused about the meanings concerning my mother and my husband.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!

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Re: Life changing proposition

I believe the older man in your dream is your father, not the father you know consciously but the unconscious father you wish you could have known. The young boy would be your undeveloped masculine due to a lack of a good relationship with your father {bad fathering}. In real life your father gave you little emotional support {how does the summer season fit in with your relationship with him?}, he was an outsider, perhaps always promising something only to apologize for not giving it later {or this may be how your unconscious looks at him}.

Something is locked inside you {car}. something to do with the father and your inner masculine. It probably is the relationship or lack of with your father. It could be something else. Look back at your 20s when you had the dream and see what was going on at that time. It may have been an actual experience or it may have been a realization of something from your past {locked away} that you began to remember.

There does seem to an element of 'promises' to the dream. That may involve the hopes you had for a good relationship with your father, the secret, mysterious island {the island is a part of you}. The sick mother probably points to actual physical conditions on her part or/an he inability to help you in the relationship with your father. Was she passive when it came to that relationship? What was the relationship with your mother. Was she 'needy' in her personality {'she needed me'}?

Was there a time in your 20s when you and your father had an 'enjoyable' experience? That may be why you are now remember this dream. Such an experience would be a small part {island} of the whole relationship with your father, a promising one {promises}. The attention would have given you made you happy and brought about promises of restoring your whole self.

The last part also seems to be about a father you wish you had and an experience where he at one time fulfilled that wish {in your 20s?}. But you are married to reality and whatever comfort he gave {ice cream} soon melted away. As for your mother he sickness may have been an inability to help with your relationship and/or contribute in a way to fill the void. She may have needed you as much as you needed her. But she was 'sick' and unable to help.

One last thought. Other than a lack of good fathering was there anything about the relationship that was abusive {other than psychological?}. The locked car could be pointing to that but in the dream it does not specifically do so {which would suggest there wasn't}. But to cover all the possibilities it is something to look at.

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Re: Life changing proposition

Thank you, Jerry. You gave me a lot to think about.
Congratulations for your site!

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