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Recurring dream about the moon

I have been experiencing this for a few weeks now, and it's taken a hold of me so, that I was compelled to relate it to others and maybe get a better sense of it and its possible meaning or purpose...

The dream is incredibly realistic.. I am in my bedroom, and everything looks normal; just the same. It's night time, and I have been sleeping, but I wake up (not in a distressed sort of way, I just happen to awaken) I look out the window, and the sky is a beautiful, brilliant deep blue.. the sort of blue the night sky gets when the moon is out and bright. And there it is, right outside my window, in a way that I can see it easily from where I'm lying in bed. It is realistic.. the moon looks like the moon, and is a normal size, etc. However I am just struck and overjoyed by how beautiful it is. Soon after, I close my eyes and go back to sleep.

That describes the first time I dreamt of this. The next morning, I wasn't actually sure if it was a dream, or if it had really happened.

The next night, I dreamt the same thing. For the next few nights, I had the same exact dream. (I was still unsure if I was dreaming this, or if I really could see this beautiful moon out my window)

Then one night I dreamt that this time, I turned over and tried to awaken my husband, so he could see how beautiful it was too, only I couldn't quite get him to get up. I told him about it the next morning, and he said he didn't remember me waking him up.

I have been having this dream every night for weeks now, and last night, I dreamt the same thing, but actually wondered during it, if I was dreaming or not. I entertained thoughts of getting up and pulling the blinds up further to get a better look, but was too sleepy and comfortable to get myself up.

I get such a strange, comforting, almost mystical kind of sense and feeling from this dream, but the fact that I have had it regularly for a while now is really bothering me.. I wish I could figure out why I keep having it. As it is very pleasant, I don't mind that it is recurring. I'm just so curious about it! Any thoughts?

Thank you so much, and apologies for the long message!

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Re: Recurring dream about the moon

The primary symbolism of the moon is one of mystery and the feminine. If the moon is full then it could represent completion. It is also symbolic of new beginnings as well as fertility. So there are several possibilities to your moon. I think the most logical would be the feminine aspects. As an aspect of the feminine it could suggest there is something within you that has yet to be fulfilled or discovered.

Let's look at the other symbols in your dreams and see if they provide other clues. Give these some thought and see where they might fit in your life.

First dream:
Bedroom - Many look at the bedroom as having associations with sex and that could have applications. But it may symbolize a need to contact those inner feelings and emotions that will lead to a better understanding of who you really are.

Window - A window is something you look through and gain insights to your inner self. In your dream you are looking out the window and that may indicate looking for something 'outside' that will provide wholeness {moon} in your life.

Sky - A symbol of transcendence, expression your true self, especially a blue sky as in your dream. You enter into the unconscious realm when you have dreams of celestial symbols. That may suggest unconscious desires, something you wish for that will transcend your life to a higher existence.

So in this dream you have something to do with the feminine, possibly to do with sex as well as getting in touch with your inner feelings, something that would be beneficial in your waking life {outside} and would provide true expression of who you are transcending something that may be holding you back from that true person.

The next dream you were not sure if it were a dream. What in your life would fulfill your life, something real and not a dream?

Then there is the dream involving your husband. This dream may be important. What is it that you believe would be so beautiful but you can not 'get him up' to it? Something he should see as being beautiful also?

What is it in your life that would real comfort, make you whole and complete your life? Answer this question and you will probably solve the answers to your dreams.

One possibility that comes to mind. Only one possibility but one to consider if it fits. Do you want children? The moon is a symbol for new beginnings. One dream involves your husband. Could this be the answer?

Other than that look at what I have given and see what fits with your life.

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