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A very disturbing one-time dream...

The dream begins with much movement, although I'm looking through what appears to be a video camera. The person holding the camera walks over to a man who is stripped down by several people, he looks bruised as though he has been beaten severely. He is then throw to the dirt (we are outside) and tied down somehow. The camera focuses and zooms in on his left forearm, and two people approach him and kneel beside him, one has a nail in the left hand, the other in the right. They position the nails about two inches away from each other on his arm, and another person comes with a hammer and hammers the nails down, the blood runs out of his arm and he screams. The camera is still focused, although a bit shaky, it is still zoomed in.

This goes on with two nails every time, first it was the left forearm, then the left bicep, then the right forearm, and the right bicep. They just keep hammering nails into him, and his screams are so saddening and disturbing, at this point in the dream I'm alerted that something very very bad is about to happen. The camera moves quickly to his beaten face, his right eye is closed and blackening. Two people let nails hover above his eyes (I have a very bad phobia of eye trauma), and I make myself wake up at this point.

Please help me figure out this disturbing dream, it really grossed and creeped me out.

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Re: A very disturbing one-time dream...

This comes to mind from reading your dream but is only a thought. Have you been reading the bible lately or watching the TV documentary' The Bible'? The symbolism in your dream looks very much like the crucifixion of Jesus.

Other than that the symbolism would be of a masculine aspect, perhaps a real guy in your waking life, that has been or is being beaten and 'bruised'. Is it possible you have recently been 'bruised' by what something said or did to you? Being a masculine aspect it could have been a boy. Something that has hammered you and feels like driving nails in your ability {arms} to exist. It may involve two experiences or two people {two people, two at a time}. This is something that may be going on for some time and is injuring your ego {face}. It may be something you try to turn a blind eye to.
Have you been bullied recently?

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Re: A very disturbing one-time dream...

Oh my goodness, thank you very much. It actually is the other symbolism, literally two days ago I was severely hurt by some words an ex said to me, and yesterday I had the dream. It felt like nails when he said the words to me, and I still haven't forgiven him, although I knew it was true in my heart, I was trying to turn a blind eye to the situation and pretend as if everything was fine.

All I can say is thank you so much for helping me put sense into this disturbing dream.

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 15 USA

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