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Out of control car with family with me watching

Dear Jerry,

I haven't been on this forum for a long time and I have been reading your replies on your last interpetations of my dreams and I'd like to thank you for it.

I'd like to say my sister has just secured a good graduate job in marketing and she is one year younger than me.

As you know my story, I failed my first year at an elite university and dropped out to study another degree next year.

HOWEVER, I was pleased for my sister and I'm getting on with my own life. I did have problems with my father when I was a teen, however, things have got better.


So I am in a normal 5 seater car (bit like a mazda) with my father in the driving seat (right hand side in the UK) and my sister on the front passanger seat with me on the back seat sitting behind my sister. I remember the first time my father almost hit a lampost which he just evaded. My father is now driving on normal inner-city highway road with 2 lanes to separate opposite travelling cars and the car is travelling sidewards on middle the road which I keep telling my father to steer to the left to get the car aligned again, the car just keeps going sidewards and another car heading towards my car hits into the passanger seat where my sister is sitting which there is no dent on the car. The car is still going sidewards. The car is out of control throughout the dream and my father caused it, he cannot get it in control in the dream.

I'd like to say Jerry, 70% of my dreams have come true in real life, I remember I had a dream of an amicable time with my cousins, which I had an amicable time the very next day! What could this dream indicate please?

Many thanks.

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Re: Out of control car with family with me watching

The car is symbolic of the direction in life you are taking. Your father driving the car may suggest he is controlling or trying to control that direction. Your sister would probably represent two things {as would the father image since it would also involve your overall relationship with him}. The image of your sister being in the front seat would probably address the fact she is in front' of you in your college studies and is on par with the authoritative father. You are in 'back' in your sister {although the image may be of another sister}. The seat car may suggest another position you wish to be in {the number five representing change of positions}. The right hand seat may suggest a direction toward social involvement, perhaps something you are less interested in but the direction your father is wanting you to go. Your sisters would also likely represent your anima aspects {feminine qualities} which may suggest more emotional involvement with your father {and perhaps sister}.

Your father almost hitting a lamppost may represent your father being someone of great influence but because 'he' evaded the lamppost you see him not being that person. Your father and you are going in opposite directions {opposite traveling cars}. Going side wards may suggest you are not going in the 'straight' direction you wish. The crash into the side and denting it may suggest emotions/feelings to do with your sister {a dent in that relationship} and/OR a dent in your emotional self to do with the relationship with your father and/or sister. Those experiences have prevented you from going in the 'straight' direction you wish to go. You are 'out of control' in some aspect of your life and your father is responsible.

From what you have told me about your father and your sister the dream seems to fit perfectly with that. That should not be a surprise since your dreams are showing your true self and emotions. The question is when did you have this dream. If it was recently then it may suggest these things are still playing on your mind and need resolution before you can 'move forward'. Let me know your thoughts and any recent dreams you have had and perhaps we can gain more insights to how to get 'straight' in your life.
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Re: Out of control car with family with me watching


I had this dream today.

I know I have to take responsiblity but I had a tough time with my father when I was in my teams. In truth, he was egotistical, comparing me with a lot of people and especially towards my sister and he did favour my sister towards me, perhaps because it is the only thing which could make him proud.

My father also did not allow me to go out, have friends or go out to the movies like other normal teenagers do, and I am peed off with that.

My other uncle has insulted me and looked down on me for no reason. My family is very, very ingorant, especially comparing me with my sister. He has a big problem with me.

I also have dyslexia. I have better college grades than my sister when we did go to college and did go to better uni than my sister. Yes, I have dropped out and she has a graduate job now, no big deal to me, or my other aunties or friends, but its a big deal to one or two of my uncles. I can honestly say I'm going to run a charity, run a couple of online business's while doing another degree and I've also won sporting achievements, ALL while having a poor home life and no support. Its unbelivable, nothing wrong with me, I've lost my mother, I'm doing my own thing, I'm talented, but there has been no recognition and they are VERY SUPERFICIAL and focus on the negatives.

The question is, how can I be straight?

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