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"The Chameleon"

This was a dream I had quite a while ago, like 7th or 8th grade. However it has stuck with me quite a while because I felt at the time that it as a very important dream, though I couldn't quite understand why.

So me and my mother and younger brother (they weren't my real family members, just characters in the dream who I knew was my family) were at some big sporting event like a football game or something. Everything was normal and we were having a good time in this enormous stadium packed with people. It was a really pretty day too. Then my little brother who I guess was like 8 ran down the steps to get a closer look at the players. Eventually a long time passed and my mom was like "I guess he got lost. Go find him ok?" we were joking about what a goofball he was and I went down the steps to go find him, the game still going, fans still cheering. I was walking down when I saw some little kids playing tag or something under the bleachers. I wandered over to see if my brother was there. He wasn't. I smiled at them though and said "having fun?" suddenly they all just stopped playing and looked at me, dead serious with wide eyes. Then they said something really weird like "yes we are, creator(or great one,something like that). Thank you do much for inventing this wonderful game to play. Well I left like wth did they say I invented tag? Hasnt that game existed since like....human beings did? I headed back upstairs, having forgotten about my brother. I tripped over this bulging garbage sack just laying on the steps. I got up and looked at it and noticed the dark red pooling from it, and staining the concrete. Somehow I KNEW it was my brother in that sack, completely dead. In shock I shuffled to my mom to tell her what happened, and people I passed would stop talking and stare and I could hear them whispering and calling me the same thing the kids did. I got to my mom, but it was like she already knew what happened. Her demeanor had changed completely. She was suddenly extremely cold and looked at me with disgust. She said "it's time to go home" and I tried to tell her what happened, but she didn't listen and just left. I ran to the parking lot but the car was gone. I remember running and running because suddenly everyone who I ran into in the dream hated me. I ended up in a junkyard. I was crying and terrified and confused. A little girl found me. At first I was afraid shed hate me too, but she was kind and concerned. I told her I had nowhere to go, and she said I could go stay with her and her older brother who was my age and her grandpa, who owned the junkyard. I went to the house and everyone was so nice to me I felt like crying even more. Her brother was cute and had 2 beds in his room, so I would sleep there, which made me nervous and excited. I was finally hopeful and happy again, now that I'd found this kind family to live with. I was sitting on the porch playing with a magic 8 ball, and then I remember it popped up this really weird thing saying I was cursed and evil and terrible, but what I remember most clearly was it said, accusingly, "You are the chameleon." I remember staring at it confused like what does that mean? And then the girl walked up behind me like "whatcha doin?" and I quickly hid the magic 8 ball, terrified she'd see it and know the truth about me, whatever that was, and that she'd start hating me too. Then I woke up.

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Re: "The Chameleon"

We need to stay with current dreams since we have already established a pattern of behavior in your life. As much as I enjoy interpreting dreams I do so to help resolve emotional issues. It takes 30 to 60 minutes to interpret a long dream and my time is limited. What we want to do is to identify any and all emotional conflicts in your life and try to resolve what we can. By knowing what conflicts exist you may be able to change what needs to be changed and not have unconscious stimuli motivating your conscious life. If you will post current dreams we may be able to measure your progress in resolving the emotional conflicts in your life. That is the goal in interpreting dreams.

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Re: "The Chameleon"

Wow! That's a long time. And aw. Ok.

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