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black and white and grey pekinese dream

this one's nice. ambivalent, but nice.

Dream about BnW Pekinese 042513

I find a black and white and probably silverish grey Pekinese in the yard, and it’s obviously been traumatised or something ahs happened to it because I am extra determined to take good care of it. I tell it that it can live with us, that I will ask daddy (or I’d do it myself, obviously, if I had the stuff nad could) to make it a little house in the backyard. (wood, duh) my brain wsa already planning out the wood and where everything would go and it looking done but in unfinished wood and everything.
But there is a sense of fear that outside forces will not let this dog stay, but I want am gonna try very hard to make it feel welcome and safe.

Now, one dream dictionary site said this, which is neat:

To see a black colored dog in your dream symbolizes the shadow aspect of a friend. The dark side of someone close to you is being revealed and you are able to see through to their true intentions. If the dog is white, then it indicates that the intentions of a friend are pure and true.
- From the dreammoods site.
So what, am I gonna get a new friend, maybe a lover? Or is this a part of myself? A representation of my mother? Somebody I already know besides my family? It’s unclear to me. it could be all that... which wouldn't surprise me. but a SINGLE choice that's correct would be nice. although, this is probably the wrong approach. ;)

i feel like I might be getting a ot more of this duality black and white theme lately than i wholly realise, so that's nice. I just wish all my inner peeps could decide on what it meant once and for all! ;)behave, y'all.

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Re: black and white and grey pekinese dream

Dream Moods is an excellent dream site but I don't agree with the dictionary representation {it may not fit with your dream or you} it gives for a 'black colored dog' as the shadow aspect of a friend. It were going yo be a shadow aspect it would be of you and not a friend. Your dreams are about you and the dog would be you. Any shadow aspects would be from you and projected onto a real person in your waking life. I don't see that fitting in your dream. Plus, the description of the dog in your dream is not black, it is silverish grey.

Let's look at the dog and then at your psychological makeup. Better yet let's look at your psychological self first and the dream dog. You are different because of what nature has made you to be in this life. There are definite handicaps you have to endure, this is a fact we know about. But my sense is you have capabilities most people do not have directly because of your know handicaps. Just as with a bind person nature provides access to other senses {senses we all possess but seldom use because we no longer need them for survival}. A blind person sense of smell and hearing is much better than a person who can see. Nature has it ways of compensating what is lacking in one sensory aspect. That is the miracle of nature.

My sense is you have 'extra ordinary abilities most people do not utilize. This sensing comes not just from a 'guess' but from an intuitive feel of who you are from our previous conversations {I have a keen intuitive sense that I have worked to develop}. Part of those extra-ordinary perceptions you possess are rooted in archetypal forces that underlie the whole human existence. Simply put, my sense is you have a more direct contact with the archetypes. I've have sensed this in other dreams and I believe I may have mentioned it {but not in detail as I am doing here}. You have access to 'data' not normally accessible by most people. If true then the symbols/images in your dreams would have a deeper expression in archetypal form than they would in merely describing a metaphorical reference. We all possess these deeper expressions but seldom do we use them because we have lost contact with them. You would be the exception.

What does this mean in relationship to your dreams? In your post from Dream Moods you use the term black dog. But in your dream the description is of a silverish grey Pekingese. The word Pekingese would need to be examined for its deeper implications and meaning {as would the color silverish grey}. To do that we would need to go to the root {archetypes are roots to all animal existence} to the breed of dog and its ancestry. From Wikipedia:

The Pekingese (also known as the Lion-Dog, Pekingese Lion-Dog, Pelchie Dog, or Peke) is an ancient breed of toy dog, originating in China. They are called Lion-Dogs due to their resemblance to Chinese guardian lions.

Here is something from Wikipedia's description that for me hits home with characteristics that fit you:
The breed has several characteristics and health issues related to its unique appearance.

In other words the dream is using this particular breed of dog to best fit with your psychological and physical makeup. Because of your extra sensory abilities provided by nature to compensate the handicaps you possess you are able {through your dreams if not in other ways consciously} to tap into the deeper aspects of the archetypes. Because the images/symbols in your dreams are a reference to you {the dog is you} you are not a dog, you are a 'Pekingese dog'. Big difference because whatever traits the Pekingese dog possesses then you possess also.

The health issues is apparent. That is the negative. But nature provides a balance and there have to be positives also. The Pekingese is known as the 'lion dog', a reference which would cause us to look at what a lion would represent.
'a lion symbolizes great strength, aggression and power'. Couple that with the dog {lion-dog} then you have a powerful and aggressive natural aspect to your psychology and perhaps personality. Let's see how the dream unfolds using the lion-dog as a metaphor for who you are.

The black and white is a perception in the dream and not the actual color of the dog {such opposites/duality usually represent emotional conflict}. Your dog is silverish grey which may suggest something older, as in archetypes {archetypes predate mankind}. My sense is this is speaking to a wisdom you possess. But an aspect of that natural wisdom has been 'traumatized' {lasting shock as a result of an emotionally disturbing experience or physical injury}. I believe this is addressing your handicaps. This is an aspect in your life you have to be 'extra determined to take good care of it'. You have to live with it. But you have had to build this little house in your unconscious to do so. Your brain has already planned this out {you were born with it and so the brain naturally understands it is there}. You are 'unfinished', incomplete because of your handicap. You have learned to accept this and must make it feel welcomed if you are to live a normal life {as normal as it can be}. This is describing your life as it is, the negatives you were born with.

But there are strong positives also, that is how nature works {as I describe with the blind person}. What are your strengths? The dream is not only addressing your having to learn to live with your handicaps but {I think this is what the dream is really addressing} but directing you to look at your strengths. Usually such 'great strengths' in life have to do with the muse, our creative abilities. In the movie Rain Man Raymond is an autistic savant. He is handicapped but has these extra ordinary 'strengths'. What are your strengths? I believe the dream is pointing to that as how to live a better life, accessing those abilities to compensate your handicaps. Inner strengths compensating outer deficiencies.

In your dream the Pekingese dog is silverish grey. I see that as wisdom. And there is the 'brain already planning'. Is it possible you have a ability to plan out things other people can not? You know where everything goes. The negative would be your handicap but the compensation would suggest an ability to know something else that is a positive. What are your abilities that may be beyond the norm? If the Pekingese dog is an archetypal reference then perhaps there are instincts you possess that are beyond the norm. Dreams direct us to look to those positives to balance what is not complete in our outer lives. Ponder that and let me know what you come up with.

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Re: black and white and grey pekinese dream

...looking at what yo uwrote, i completely agree. a part of me wants to call that arrogant or pandering, but it's true.That's how i feel, and it amkes sense now hat you lay it out like that. thank you for putting that into words in such an eloquently straightforward way, and thereindoing bringing it to my conscious attention in such an organized way.

There is a book i read, a long time ago, as a child.

It deals with a journey into a forest which can create mythic archetypes, enable YOU, through practice, to create them, and transform you into one.

I read it before I knew what it meant. It afterwards became one of my first stones to hold onto, until I could hold onto my self.

It's called Mythago Wood, by Robert Holdstock. It always struck me, in words like the Frost poems 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' and 'The Road Not Taken'... so deep and dark and dangerous and engrossing and enveloping, yet so very floaty and light, always hiding at your shoulder, tapping when you least appear to notice or to see, or to remember, or to know... (the cover picture, the cover in question being the one which resembles Magritte's Le Blanc Seing) always struck me, and has stayed with me to this day. I have yet to read any of the other seven? books, save for the indirect? sequel, Lavondyss... but taht is of little import/importance here. I wanted you to know that I ahve been trying ot think about these things fora long time, and am very happy that I cna now, due in part to people like you and of course, myself. Thank you again for being here and doing this with us.

a more direct connection to the archetypes... hrm. this is fascinating. But I have yet to be very surprised by anything like this when it happens, you know, being told soemthing and feeling lik you already knew,but couldn't bring the pieces together to see the big picture? That is what surprises me- not being surprised. ha! Do you get like that? expectation is so funny that way.

It was a dangerous book to read at such a young age... i felt that very strongly... but I'm still here. ;) I recommend it sometimes, to people who are searching. It's my duty to help, if i think i should nad can. i just gotta stop compulsively doing it and work on myself more! ;)

like today... i dreamed I drew my cat curled up with a bit of tail sticking out in a puff... ;) no color, just in pencil, yeah? it was nice and warm-feeling-giving.

ALSO, i har di har by ACCIDENT found a book called Aztec Christic Magic by Samael Aun Weor... that was fascinating, that little snippet, for the interpretations of religious history and possible symbolism revelations alone... i may talk mom into buying it for our collection. the way the writing in that book was, it was so very easy to read... like butter on the brain. so soothing. i worry about anyone who calls themselves a Master though... but, then again, if people call you one, maybe you are. logical progression doesn't necessarily mean a dog is not a dog and should not call itself a dog... ;)still, i worry. ;) but that is my problem. ;) namaste.

um, also ,before i go, there is a part of my intuition that is claiming/worried that some day soon I will make you angry at me, or annoy you in some way i may or may not be aware of or have desired. I hate but respect when these happen, because they almost if not ALWAYS turn out true in some way. Um, I'm sorry, beforehand. But it may be a necessary exercise for both of us, despite not knowing each other, or being friends, or even really acquaintances of any kind save for this necessary casual-causative relationship with your readership thing you've got going any time you run a site like this for forum-interaction. To be clear, I am not joking, lying, or trying to manipulate or trick you in any way; this is what i feel, right now. it jsut hit/struck/smacked me. so, myself and anyoen reading this must think of anything odd that might happen as a dynamic learning environment... although sometimes in hindsight we wish it could have gone a little less FREAKYWEIRD. i hope I'm wrong, but I've felt... an ODD niggle about this site for a while now... i just don't know hwy... it's bugging the shiznit out of my subconscious. or whichever part gets bugged like that. that said, i gotta go now or I'll start to obsess over it trying to figure it out before the oven dings, so to speak haha. but, you know, it's really just like this: you feel like an oyster, and you suddenly realize you have a grain in your craw and it's building into a pearl... so irritating! you jsut GOTTA know what it is, gotta get it out, to get some peace! I bet you do that a lot. You sound liek that kind of person.and as for the trigger, i knew it as soon as i saw your avatar pic the day i explored this site after I found it (the site) again once you had revamped this new site from the old site. I just knew there was something going to happen, and it hasn't manifested yet. i was trying to avoid mentioning it lest I make you uncomfortable, but I just... I had to get it off my chest. I hope it's a positive experience, although i try to welcome the negative as well. ANDDD enough about me and my babble.I hope my dreams are engaging and nourishing for you. ;)



are you okay?

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Re: black and white and grey pekinese dream

Not irritated. But very busy.

Which website of mine are speaking of? The Myths-Dreams-Symbols website? I haven't revamped it to any degree in awhile. It has been on line since 1998 {an old site comparably and established}. I will eventually revamp some of the contents to make them easier to understand. Jung is 'deep stuff' and although I have made the pages to be as easy to read as possible I wand to do a better job of that. Jungian psyche has so much to offer to those who are brave enough {and worthy} to travel the inner journey.

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Re: black and white and grey pekinese dream

yeah, the one that redirects to here. It did not do that until recently... perhaps it was maintained by someone else? Because last year it did not go here. ;O

;) aww, very busy huh? poor jerry. take a brain vacation! ;)

i'll stop clicking reply for oyu, if that will help!

I always like sites like this. I like to see people get genuine help. it's very good of you, Jerry. but take a break, okay?

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