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The Secret Spa

This is the dream I had last night. It started out on a train. I don't remember where it was going. I think I had run away from home on a fleeting desire. There were 3 other people on the train with me, one was an 8th grader who I made friends with through my church orchestra but she moved away before I did. One was my boyfriend but we weren't dating yet, still just friends. Then there was a boy who I don't know in real life but he appeared to be around my age. We basically sat around talking on this long train ride and I became good friends with all of them and I was deciding whether I liked my boyfriend or that other boy more. But something happened at a point in the trip that made me not want to run away from home anymore, I don't remember what it was but I changed my mind and wanted to get off the train.I said goodbye to my friends and I think I ended up just jumping out while it was at a stop and I somehow got back home.

Then it skipped forward to the future where I was dating my boyfriend again. My mom wanted to take me to this special spa she knew of that was kind of secret. It would be a day to relax and enjoy ourselves and get away from everyday stress. We got there and I thought it was sort of weird, like for one thing it was all outside. There was no building. It was also night when we got there so it was dark outside. (Lots of my dreams have been taking place at night lately)When we got there I was ushered away from my mom because different age groups received different "treatments." I was promised that everyone was very skilled and friendly and if I didn't like my people I could switch them. There were many other people at the spa too. So my people were a man and a woman. They set me in a chair at their station (still outside) and I was in front of a mirror like in a hair salon. The weird thing was I could see the man and woman and my surroundings clearly in the mirror but my own face was censored out with those blurs that you see on TV. I thought that the mirror must be high tech to give me anonymity like that. The man and woman were very friendly and I liked them. They began the "treatment" which was meant to be therapeutic and healing. It was weird they kept whipping out all these weird substances and rubbing them all over different areas of my body. Like for instance one substance was a bright green lotion and when they put it on my arms it burned. They told me that was negativity and bad memories and thoughts being drawn out by use of the lotion. I was just supposed to relax and let the treatment cure me of I donno bad stuff.

After that they took me to a big building that looked like a lodge almost where I would go through the second part of my "treatment" which they called memory recovering or something like that. It had to do with remembering bad things so we could embrace them and move on. I remember I was intrigued and excited and was enjoying myself. The lodge was airy and open and there were many other teenagers in there. I saw a bunch of people I knew, even the kids from the train were there. I was excited and went to catch up with them. I told my 8th grade friend that me and my boyfriend were dating now and she was happy for me. I saw the other boy too and said hello. I was sort of glad that I hadn't chosen him to date. Now that he was older he was different than he was before and I realized we wouldn't have been good together. The spa people were going to give a presentation before we began and so we all sat at tables, and I sat at my boyfriend's table. I talked about how I had been enjoying the spa but really hoped that I got a massage soon because I've always wanted to get a professional massage. As soon as I said that my boyfriend said "I'll give you a massage" jokingly and started massaging my shoulders which was a nice gesture. I remember the lady promised I would be getting a massage soon and I was happy. Just as I was about to listen to the people begin talking about the whole memory retrieval thing I woke up. I was disappointed that I woke up before the treatment ended.

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Re: The Secret Spa

I believe the dream overall is addressing what you and I have been discussing recently. Your past and the influences of those experiences in your future. In fact the three elements of the dream seem to be broken down to the past {first part}, the present and the future. The first part of the dream is looking back with the element of wishing to escape the constant changes you have to endure. This is what you have been wishing for for a long time. But because of the need to conform to the rules {taking care of family}. Even though you are ready to move forward to future experiences you are still in high school with the same responsibilities as before. You can not escape the past and are still in the present. Which takes you to the next part of the dream.

The second part of the dream is where you are seeking 'treatment'. Recent dreams have been dealing with the 'unconscious' aspects {night and darkness would be unconscious aspects}. There are reflections of 'past' influences of mother and father which are censored by conscious forces {outside}. The censoring is related to influences and experiences to do with your parents, those things i have brought up that will eventually play an important part on who you become. The treatment is to undo the censoring {self censoring} so you can receive the healing and therapeutic value of understanding the unconscious relationship to your parents {the influences they have had and will have on your psyche}. The negativity and bad memories need to be brought out so the treatment can be therapeutic. You need to accept this and be on guard {as we have discussed}.

The next part of the dream is addressing the future. "the second part of my "treatment" which they called memory recovering or something like that". This is the second half of your life, your future self. Recovering from 'negative' past influences/experiences. "It had to do with remembering bad things so we could embrace them and move on". This is very much what Jungian psyche is all about. Realizing the affects of early life in regards to how they influence who you become in adulthood. In the second half of life you require a different treatment than the first {there are several stages of life but you are in the first headed toward your second}. Your past is very much a part of your future because of their influences {on who you become}. The 8th grade friend is you and it may have been a happy time to reflect on {look back at the 8th grade and determine what stood out during that time of your life}.
I see the older boy as masculine influences that do not fit who you wish to marry. That would be your father.

A massage is a stimulation. Here it has to do with massaging the psyche. Stimulating your psyche to understand the energies and forces that are at play regrading your past and what that has to do with your future. To do this, and fully understand the concept will relieve the 'stress in the shoulders' {carry the burdens from your past}. Listen to the psyche and there will be a cure for whatever comes your way because of the negatives from your past.

I've sensed a resistance, or perhaps not a full understanding, of what I have been trying to communicate to you about past experiences/influences and how they will shape who you become as an adult. The dream is dealing with that confusion since it has created an emotional conflict.
Note: Your defense of your father as a good man was followed up by the negative qualities he possesses. It is those negatives that you have to be wary of.
If you still do not understand what I have offered it is important that you do. If you do learn to understand then you can circumvent any negatives you can remove them and let the positives be the forces in your future.

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Re: The Secret Spa

The whole censor thing I think was right on, because as the treatment progressed the censor did go away and I saw my face normally. As for 8th grade being a happy time though.....not at all.......7th to 8th grade was my "awkward phase" thus some of the worst years of my life. I'm tryin to think of important qualities that friend had. She was very perky and happy and innocent because she was young ya know? She had a little bit of an ego, very sassy, but we didn't mind. The fact that she moved recently may have correlated with my moving. I do need to think on how my past will affect my future. I've been pondering that for a while now and it worries me :/ I don't want to be negatively affected, when I have kids I want to be as good as my mom used to be before she got all overwhelmed and sorta just through in the towel. I also really don't want to be like my dad which I'm horrified of because I have the same burst out in anger reflex, though it's not as intense because I'm not that intimidating and it only happens when I'm under very high levels of stress. When I was younger it was worse, like age 8 and under because if I was angry I'd do things like slap or scratch my brother until he cried. Thankfully I realized before elementary school ended that what I was doing wasn't right (and was very similar to what my dad did, not that he was ever physical but still) and I made a promise to myself never to lash out in anger at someone again, a promise that I haven't broken yet :)

It's ironic because according to my mom, my dad's father was much, much worse. And my dad would always tell my mom about how he didn't want to be like his father. But his father was completely work-minded and neglectful as well as having a horrible temper and selfishness. So my dad is always there for us and puts his family first which I really respect about him. But there's still certain elements in my dad that carried over from that. It's just sort of chilling to me. I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately.....erg.

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