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My Motorcycle Dream

I had a dream last night, taking time to make sure I remembered some details when I awoke to go to the bathroom. I knew I would probably forget it if I didn't take note of the primary image which was me riding a motorcycle {which I have no interest in doing}. I instructed myself to remember the motorcycle and sure enough when I awoke this morning I remembered the dream. Making note of the primary image worked in making me remember the context of the full dream.

My dream had me stopping in a vacant lot I recognized to be near my actual home. Then i felt the need to urinate {which was what awoke me} and I drove to a house nearby. No one answered the door so i went in the back and used their bathroom. While inside I noticed a large room with a sunken area that at first looked like a very large hot tube. But after getting closer i saw that it was a large living space. As I turned to leave i saw a man and a woman in the front of the house {it was divided by a covered common area just as is my actual home}. The man seemed friendly but the woman looked alarmed at seeing me come from the back area. I explained to her i had stopped to use the bathroom but she still seemed alarmed. End of dream.

The symbolism of a motorcycle {the primary image i took from the dream} is usually of a desire for freedom and need for adventure, as well as trying to escape from some situation or some other responsibility in your waking life.
If you think about a car as being a symbol of the dreamer going in a particular direction in life, a motorcycle would fit with such a direction also and be a symbol for the dreamer {the car/motorcycle is the dreamer}. But the motorcycle lacks an enclosure as does a car so the 'desire for freedom' makes sense. When looking at dream symbols sensibility is one thing we should look for in understanding its meaning.

I had no trouble interpreting the dream because i immediately recognized the associations to my actual waking life. Freedom for adventure has been 'my thing' for son 20+ years so that symbolism fit. But what i saw as more important was the 'escape' from a particular situation. In my actual waking life I am having to work part time {on Saturdays}, partly to help my son with the family fence construction business {i gave the business to my son before my retirement} because he is overloaded and partly to have a little extra income. Although it is only 4-6 hours of work I have this thing about having to work at all. It puts me back into obligations of the social duty kind of thing. The whole purpose of being free follow your bliss is no obligations to society.

But there is another aspect to the dream that I have yet to fully comprehend {although i do understand part of its symbolism}. That is the sunken area in the back and the 'unknown' woman being upset. Both the sunken area and the 'back' suggest unconscious associations. I took the sunken area also to mean the sub conscious. I see this as something brewing in my unconscious, something that is subconsciously making its way to consciousness. This is affecting my anima {feminine aspects}, as represented by the woman's disturbed look when she saw me coming from the 'back of HER house'. I see this partly as affecting my creative mind {creativity is a feminine attribute} and the disturbance could be associated with my having to work on Saturdays. The disturbed look on the woman's face

Note: Before I became a self employed contractor some 35 years ago i worked for city government and i always held Saturdays as sacred, you don't work on weekends. That changed of course when I became self employed.

But there was something about the woman's look that i did not fully understand. This is a feeling I got from the dream and any feelings in a dream is as much a part of the dream as is an image or symbol. I think this has to do with still unknown or unrealized 'unconscious' aspects i possess. The area in which the bathroom was located was in the 'back' of the house where there was a sunken living area. I always think of anything in the back as an unconscious association. The sunken 'living area' also suggested to me something not yet conscious but subconscious. Perhaps this has to do with certain desires i possess that will add to my freedom for adventure. I have several possibilities in mind but will let life play out before judging what might fit with the dream symbolism. Note my language here. what in my conscious life might fit with the dream symbolism. That is how you know a dream interpretation is correct since dreams are about the emotional life of the dreamer.

Before i forget it let me provide my thoughts to the symbolism of the 'unknown/unnamed' man in the dream {he was with the unknown woman}. When I looked at him he smiled as if to greet me in a cordial way. I see him as representing my masculine self, cordial, unassuming {he was naturally friendly and accepting me} and not disturbed or afraid. The one thing about the hero journey {we are all heroes when we consciously undertake the inner journey} is you can not be afraid. I see this man as that person within myself. And although i am not afraid in my journey there is always that element of fear that tries to creep into the adventure. Most often it is the social dragon {responsibilities} that is at its root. I will end with this quote from Joseph Campbell about the fear in the hero journey:

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be.”

Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

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Re: My Motorcycle Dream

You didn't ask for comments on your dream but I noticed that you spelled hot tub as "hot tube." I often find my spelling mistakes to be like freudian slips that sometimes give me further insight into a dream.
"Coming in the back door" reminds me of the way to solve a problem when a direct approach doesn't work.
"Urinate" also reminds me--- if this were my dream of---- 'Your innate ability". Pat

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Re: My Motorcycle Dream

Comments always welcomed.
Who is Freud?

No, just kidding. Being a Jungian I tend to make fun of all things Freudian.

As for my comment about the back door I have found that entrance usually is about the unconscious. Conscious understanding would be through the front door. It also fits with my psyche. Of course there is always other applications, Sometimes it will be months or years before something sinks in about a dream or its symbolism. I have had that happen and although it fit it was but one explanation that did.

Urination has been a topic I have had on my mind recently. at my age you always worry about prostate problems. The good news is since I have adhered to a even more strict diet I usually don't have to get up at night to urinate. I've noticed a couple of positive changes because of my increased fiber intake. And turning to foods that naturally provide fiber {greens and beans}.

Innate is a term i use often. It has a lot to do with Jung's philosophy of the archetypes. The archetypes are pre-disposed/innate characteristics all humans are born with. They govern the psyche through the various stages of life. In mythology as well as dreams they could up as symbolic references to particular behavior of the individual as well as the collective societies. To understand the archetypes is to realize the foundations of the psyche.

Something Freud never realized.

Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

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