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I seem to always have strange dreams that include animals.. Well this time it had a moose in it. Its a common animal here where I live. The strange thing is in my dream I was looking out the front window of my house and I saw a moose running up the road towards my house. It had I think 4 white spots in a line that looked like stars. It came into my front yard and went behind my house. I went to another window but couldnt see it so I returned to the original window and the moose was lying on its back under the window and my 19 year old son and 3 friends were laying on the moose and patting it. (my son just graduated from college this week and the guys with him were friends that was in his course.) I dont understand why the moose would have 4 white star like symbols on it.. Perhaps I am worried about the boys finding jobs now??

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Re: moose

Reading the symbols your explanation may very well be partly the message of the dream. The moose is a threatening animal that can cause fear coming at you which would represent something in your life fitting that theme. Consciously {front window-back window would be unconscious thinking] there is something emotional you are thinking about. The number 4, spots {circles} and star are often symbols for wholeness in life which would equate to success and happiness. The yard is an extension of the house {the house is you} and also something that grows {grass}. The front would be conscious recognition and going behind the house is something that is already in the past {this may be about your own success and relates to the present situation and your own past/well being/success}. Going to a other window may be trying to be objective {looking for another view}. You are back at conscious concerns {original view}. There is the moose {fears-an emotion} with its unconscious attitude {laying on its back}. Your 19 year old son and 3 male friends {masculine associations} are laying on the moose and patting it. That phrase could be associated with your fears {moose} and your son's and three friend's future. But they there is the masculine aspect involved and the
patting the moose may represent your unconscious belief mind recognizing these masculine strengths. The unconscious recognition could be also represented by the back window.
So, what I see in the reading of the symbols is there is a concern for your son and 3 friends future but with an unconscious recognition of their ability and strengths. That would fit with your thoughts/concerns about their careers and future.

That would be the more recent experience, and likely the central emotional reference of the dream. But with all dreams there are other applications, deeper aspects to do with your whole life {since this is the recent experience}. My sense that could have to do with your struggles for happiness and wholeness when you were younger {masculine aspects} and you relate that to the present. If you look at your struggles at that age you may see associations. There may have even been men during that time that would with the symbols. but overall i believe you were correct in your assumptions about the dream. Feelings from a dream related to waking experiences are important.

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