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Who is Living in My House?

I am driving by the house I grew up in, and raised my own children in, and there is a high rise truck parked in the driveway. The windows are open and the door is wide open and there is light coming from the house. It is curious to me since it is daytime but I can see the light penetrating from the house, as if it were nighttime. I drive by the house, and I wonder "Who is living in my house?"
I find out that David and Julie (a couple how have a divorce pending) want to buy the house, I tell them that they cannot, it has already sold! In the dream we had sold the house yet the closing had not occurred and that is why it was strange that someone was already living in the house.

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Re: Who is Living in My House?

The reference to your childhood home may be a statement involving experiences in your childhood. Driving by it may represent 'seeing' something related to your childhood that has associations to your life in the present. I would suggest you look at this as a real possibility since often when there is a reference to childhood homes or experiences do have associations to the dreamer's childhood.
Also, being the same house you raised your own children, associations from your childhood to their experiences may be involved. And because these references are in the first part of the dream it would be pointing to the central conflict in the dream. Are there experiences both you and you children have while living in this house?

Other than that, the symbol of the truck may represent a lot of responsibilities {emotions} weighing you down or carrying a heavy emotional load. The high rise could represent multiply-layers of emotions, perhaps a statement regarding experiences in your childhood associated with your children {as well as emotional load in your present life}. A driveway is symbolic of an 'end to a journey'. What ever happened in the house related to your experiences, as well your children's, has ended {and perhaps when you were living in this house}. It could be moving from the house ended the actual experiences but not the emotional issues.

Open windows often symbolize being able 'to see' something and open doors represent removing barriers. There may be something unconscious {if not conscious] you are now seeing or should see having to do with this house {the house is you and your experiences}. The light coming from the house would represent insights to those experiences. Being curious may suggest something you have not yet realized or need to learn or better understand. The nighttime reference would represent your unconscious.

'Who is living in my house?" would be a question asking yourself, who are you now, as an adult. You are at the mid-life stage where these type questions come up. Past experiences, especially related to childhood, form we become and when there is unresolved emotional baggage {we all have baggage} those issues become the themes in our dreams.

The reference to David and Julie probably have personal associations to something you see in that relationship, or them ,that you identify with or relate to. Symbolically a divorce {one thing you may relate to} would represent ending something to do with the house {you}. Selling the house would represent changes. My impression of the last part of the dream is the house {you} being sold would represent you having made changes in your life but you are still living in the emotions related to the experiences when you lived there {assuming you have moved from it}. There may also be personal associations to David and Julie that relate to them wanting to 'accepting' the house {you}. It could also represent you accepting something about the house and the experiences when you lived there.

Do you have childhood issues from your childhood as well as related issues with your children when you lived in this house? Perhaps the common denominator is the divorce. But it could be deeper issues, something you had forgotten, ignored or even repressed.

Give thought to my interpretation and let me know what you come up with.

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