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Dream of beeing kidnapped and escaping from a maniac.


I had following dream a few nights ago, I think this is important one. I have experience and knowledge of psychoanylsis and I know jungian/ frudian terminology, but i think I neglected dream interpretation for some time and I would be grateful for some hints and your perspective/ insights.

I am probably kiddnaped, as I recall i was driving on a higway but then i am suddenly in some building below. It seems like somewhere under the ground. There are more rooms and that area is unknown, strange I dont like it. There is one man, muscle man and he has a company. Muscle man is not so tall, but he is very muscular and i don like that way of masculinity, its peasant like masculinity, i dont know how to translate in english. I am disguisted by that tipe of masculinity. This man doesnt let me go, he is playing with me, like criminals are playing with victims out of unknown reason to me. I ask myself what is wrong with him. He doesnt stop. He is probably homosexual. The other group passes by and looks away and they go somewhere else, perhaps they dont wanna see. Nobody doesnt want to help me. He want to go near me, perhaps touch me and I dont want that. I fight back. I use any tool i can find to stop him, fight him back, some wooden sticks but they dont work, then i use very black metal stick, which is enough so i finally stun him with a strong hit. Then I am looking for an exit, a way out.

Before that I see a short insert of a movie. (like a some guy like him, who I find disgusting, and he is trying to destroy my bike, which im using in current life. Like he is destrying my bike with a club, probably to make revenge on me, sort of anger, he vants to destroy my life probably. But i hope and i think he hasnt destoyed it, its still all right.

I forgot there is a groups of probably females, especially I remember my female cousin, which is 5 years younger than me. (22). I am feel angry on her, because she doesnt call the police and i tell her that. Perhaps she is too afraid or in a shock.
So i decide to move out fast and find the exit by myself (U can only count on yourself) . I go across some rooms unknown to me I see the toilet, but I think its not good to me to go there, it is a blind alley and he could corner me, find me.
So i move forward and i see a window. Luckily I can go climb out and i feel so relieved, incredible relieved whan I got out. That is such a relief and I see other people. I see a man and he is closest so i aproach him. He is older than me. I ask him where I am, because i want to call the police and i need to know where I am, to tell them the location. I see more people and i am out so i fell relieved and i breathe easier.

My interpretation and clues.

The dream felt as inner real, as dream are, like i was actually kiddnaped by some maniac.
The higway- it seems lika a highway bridge, storong fast, like i was heading into the one direction

Under the highway-

My bike- I live in a city and I go to my job with that bike and to other places, i love my bike, i feel such freedom, when i am riding a bicycle. It gets me fast anywhere in a city and i can do what I want.

Unknown buildings, and strange roomsn- i dont fell good there, actually i fell terrible, i am probably terrified of that person and i fell strong anxiety when near.

Person which is trying to destroy my bike - angry, rageous shitzophrenic.
I was attacked by that person once, when i went out to work few years ago (5.45 am ), he was behind me, and he started yelling on me and threatening me, that he will hurt me, because he said i was shouting doors too loud.
I was living in a student appartment and one floor higher was living that man. That was the first or secound time i saw him in a perioud of 1,5 years while i was living there. I was shocked. I shouted back that he wont bahave to me like that. Later he drilled trough wall of appartment and the owner called the police and it was all right, but always felt afraid when leaving appartment and i am enoug strong and brave but anyway this man omg, i didnt show him my fear but still.

I cant tell u how terrified i felt of that man., because later i moved in another private house and we had one who was supposed to be a student but there was a similar scary person which was behawing strangly, i was so terrified of another person again who was similar to him, i left that appartment in 2-3 months, because that man was shitzophrenic as seniour jungian analyst confirmed that and told me i am luckily,..Now i dont have contacts with such persons any more and i didnt had them before.

Toilet- ?

Finding an exit- methaphorically, finding an exit from some life situation
Perhaps i am looking an exit from an emotional feelings and anxiety?
And the man out in the end of a dream are u?

I saw the female owner of student appartment similar constutition as my cousin. Sha called the police later,...

Bike could represent my freedom, independece. That bike is very important to me, very!!!
Perhaps dream was just showing what I went through?

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Re: Dream of beeing kidnapped and escaping from a maniac.

I'll give an interpretation but will take another look at the dream in the morning. My mind is better suited to acquiesce my intuitive psyche in the morning hours.

What has been kidnapped is most likely some aspect of your psyche that has to do with a strong emotional experience. The highway could represent a heavily traveled unconscious influence on you and your life. The building {your psyche} below, under ground, is your deep unconscious. The rooms are the various aspects of your psyche, possibly to do with the particular influences this kidnapped aspect. The symbol that probably best defines what this kidnapped aspect is has associations to the 'muscle man'. Do you have any waking life experiences to do with this type person you can remember. Because it is 'kidnapped' it may be something you don't remember {or don't want to remember} and has been pushed deep into your unconscious.

On the other hand the muscle man may symbolize the powerful influence itself and not a real person.

It could be the dream is addressing masculinity issues. This would aspect of your psyche and unconsciously it is 'playing with you'. The unconscious playing would be how it influences your personality and life. It want let you go {as long as it remains unconscious, not known and/or realized}. What is your thoughts/feelings about homosexuals? I believe answering that question will go a long way in understanding this dream.

The bike could be you, your mode of experiencing life {just like cars are symbolic of the dreamer}. This kidnapped part of you is trying to destroy you {these are unconscious if not conscious influences}. It is a disgusting part of yourself {what you find disgusting}.

What is it about your female cousin you identify with? It could be aspects about her you identify with. It could be particular feminine aspects {females}.
Toilets are were you eliminate, 'waste'. Waste could be those things in your unconscious, in your life or about you that need to be brought out to consciousness. or it could be aspects, or experiences, about yourself you wish you get get rid of. You feel cornered by this aspect, can't get away {kidnapped}.

The incident you provided about the neighbor {when you lived in the student apartment} could be the stimulus for the dream. But I think there is something deeper. Are you bi polar? I sense some deep psychological disturbances. This dream is important in that it does describe something within your unconscious that needs to be understood. If you wish to provide more information about yourself perhaps we can learn more what the dream is about {only things you feel comfortable in providing}. This 'kidnapped' needs to be freed {bike}. You probably hit the nail on the head with your statement, "Finding an exit- methaphorically, finding an exit from some life situation."

I just now noticed your statement about your female cousin and why she is in the dream. She has a similar experience.

I'll look at the dream again in the morning. But I think i see what the primary message is. If you read this post and can respond your comments and further info will help.


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Re: Dream of beeing kidnapped and escaping from a maniac.

Wow Jerry, u are pretty good at that i didnt expect such explanation.

Yes seems as jungian speaking part of me was temporary under the influence of a complex, that would explain things in a jungian sense quite well so I am trying to get out of influence of a complex. Yes building can be unconscious, but i dont percieve it as mine (unknown, unexplored part of myself, more as foreign, and that area seems toxic to me)

Yes that muscle man played a very strong part in my dreams when
I was in analysis. But as i look dream one more time, i have to seperate, a king od muscle man plays a more positive role, and am I am more disturbed by fatter and a little muscle man which is reaching towards me, that one which is trying to destroy my bike, he stinks. That arhaic, stinking masculinity.( neighbour, man next door and a neighbour in childhood was like him)

Yes u are right that dream is about sexuality. I had been reading freud for some time now, since he explored sexuality pretty much and i am fighting with homosexuality. I personally doesnt have anything against homosexuals, if they dont want to make me one. If he would try to make me a homosexual then we would hava a big fight or convince me into something i dont want.

Yesterday I felt that feeling of beeing relieved,like in the end of a dream. the relief would be so I wouldnt need to be homosexuaual by force, because i was always heterosexual and always prefered girls and women. I have nothng against men, but i was always heterosexual.
So i want to find an exit from homosexuality influence. Methaphorically speaking my ego would get out of part of subconscious influence, out of buildings.

I wont accept that as a part of myself no way, cant introject that into me, i disagree here. Person who kiddnapes me wants to ruin my bike. I traced that man to my childhood, when there was a neighbour around 18 years old and he comited a rape of one women and was send to prison. I always felt afraid as a child he would show up, when i was goind to school bus (6-15 age)in the morning.

Yes she had similar experience as i had probably, and then it is suggested that i could be subconsciously angry on a part of myself, which hasnt called the police right away and stopped that.(it would work much easier for me)

I think getting rid of problems wont help me, so i know toilet wont work for me and i try to find exit instead.

No I am not bipolar, but experience with some person would try to send me to bipolar state. (I read Answer to Job)Abduction by maniac - feelings of unconscious anxiety of course.
What happened before is a major issue, because I was always heterosexual no doubt, but one experience tryed to shift my sexual orientation, so i am still strugling. One person from past of my mother was very offensive towards me and so if i tried to fight back to that person I would be in danger of homosexuality. It logical i felt anxiety when he was accusing me things,.. and when i moved out (stoped communication) the anxiety stopped. He was very anxious person so its probably connected with that.

And i believe dream is partly about the man next door(when i was living in that house), who had issues.But then i didnt move out soon enough and it was terrible, as he was behaving strangly, terrible emotional experience, i cleaned most of it but still. It can be countagious like jungian term of infection.

Oh thank u very much Jerry!

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Re: Dream of beeing kidnapped and escaping from a maniac.

Of course as you would know from studying Jung you dreams are about you and your emotional life. So the building would be you and if it is unconscious and then it would be your unconscious. Anything under ground would represent the unconscious.

As for the muscle man. If he is perceived as a positive in the dream then it would be a positive in your life. The images in dreams are symbolic but any perceived attachments would be real. If he is indeed perceived as a positive then likely he would fit with who you really are.

What about homosexuality is it that you are fighting? Is it urges or homosexual people? Is it others who are trying yo convince you to become a homosexual or is it yourself? You say you are heterosexual but homosexual influences. Is that from other gay people? I am not clear how this fits.

The person who wants to kidnap you is more likely to be parts of yourself and not a real person. Or he would represent a perceived fear you have. What happened 'to you' between the years of 6 and 15 that caused you to fear the 18 year old guy? The fact he committed a crime on someone else would not likely cause you to have a fear of him. Unless there are unresolved 'complexes' you possess.

There seems to be traumatic experiences that you suffered. That one experience when amplified by other complexes can do great harm. Dreams attempt to help your resolve the emotional conflicts. If you have been in therapy and still have problems with the 'complexes' then you probably need to continue the therapy. If you are looking at your dreams for answers they can provide insights to the issues you are trying to resolve. But it will take a Jungian psychologist or therapist to help you with that. Freudians don't have the expertise or the belief in dreams to work with dreams. Since you live in Europe you should be able to find as many Jungian therapists as you would Freudian since Europeans have a better relationship with Jung. Too many Americans are still stuck on Freud.


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Re: Dream of beeing kidnapped and escaping from a maniac.


These 2 people were homosexual, that was not hard to spot for me, i didnt have any "problems" with so called "homosexuals" before. I know i am heterosexual.

No thats not a part of me, I am not a maniac dammit! I had a negative experience but thats all. Shit happens.

Depends, but if someone showed agressive impulses and he was much oder than u then its normal to feel fear in my opinion. And he did a terrible thing, i dont remember that he did something to me, but still i wont go into details of his actions.

I will probably learn from some jungian and I agree freudian dream interpretation is kind of "limited", but I think it still offers some good points in other areas.

Thank u for ur time, energy, knowledge, which u spent for interpretation of my dream:)

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