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Disturbing dream about making out with my niece

I really need some insight on a fairly disturbing dream I had last night. Basically, its me making out with my teenage niece who is 13 years younger than me. Just to give a bit of background, I am a woman in my 30s and I am straight. In the dream, I am back in my old highschool which my niece also attended. It's basically like I'm back in highschool because my old schoolmates are there and I'm wearing the school uniform but I notice that later in the dream. My niece and I sort of kiss in the hallway of the school but I don't want to be seen doing it (out of shame, I guess because in the dream I am aware that she is my niece). So we find a janitor's closet and make out there. Then I realize that I have my period and there's blood all over my skirt then I notice that I'm not wearing any panties that's why the blood got all over my clothes. Anyway, I've been having some resentment issues with this niece of mine because we're close (she's almost like a younger sister to me) but because she growing up I feel resentful towards her for being too self-absorbed and not wanting to spend time with the family. So what do you thing this dream means in the context of that?

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Re: Disturbing dream about making out with my niece

Your niece in the dream is a part of you. There is a 'sameness' involving you and her. There probably has been 'something similar' that you identify with in her personally or an experience {you both attended the same school} both you and she share. You are back in high school and this 'sameness' may have rekindled negative memories from that time period in your life. The kiss in the hallway may suggest there is a need to connect {hallway} to some aspect about yourself that has created an emotional conflict {your dreams are basically about your emotional conflicts}. The school uniform, something you noticed 'later in the dream' may point to something {the sameness} you and your share, perhaps having to conform {uniform} to something. There is probably an element of guilt/shame {at least on your part} involving an experience{s} you may have had when you were in high school. This is an experienced you have unconsciously hidden away {closet} that has been rekindled {kiss-brought to consciousness} so to 'clean' away the guilt {janitor}. It is something that unconsciously still plays on your mind and could be a motivating factor in your waking actions as an adult {past experiences, especially while in the development stages of life, often create unconscious energies that motivate us to do certain things throughout life}.

Your period {menstruation} would symbolize a release of suppressed tensions. It could even point to actual past experiences with menstruation but that is less likely. Symbolically {the primary language of dreams} the blood would be emotional energies {various meanings-see blood in dream dictionaries at top of page} and there is a discharge of those energies {or a need to discharge what has been suppressed}. These are unconscious energies that you need to let out, uncover why you have these feelings {skirt and no panties}. Clothes represent personality/ego and whatever the emotional issues that are getting all over you personally.

Your information about how you feel about your niece obviously has something to do with the dream. What is the cause for the resentment between you and her? The 'sameness' probably could point to similarities with your niece that has produced a reaction that needs to be examined. Identify those and the emotional energies that may have begun when you were in high school will be revealed and you can finally use your 'inner janitor' to cleanse the emotional mess it has caused.


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