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Weirdest dream you've ever had

I had this one dream where I was at Safeway, in the chip aisle, and I was just sort of sitting there behind a school desk. You know, the sort of desks that have the little part where you can put your books in. Anyways, I was sitting there when all of a sudden my dad shows up out of nowhere holding a water gun. He starts threatening to kill everyone in the chip aisle, and he tells everyone that the gun contains octopus ink, and that it can kill people with just one shot. He then shot this little boy who was about 4, and the boy just vanished into thin air. Then I woke up. Pretty weird. Then i found out in dream dictionary that a dream that takes place in school may be a metaphor for the lessons you are learning in your life. Dafuk i have to learn here

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Re: Weirdest dream you've ever had

A couple of questions that may explain the dream. What was/is the relationship with your father? Did anything emotional happen to you as a boy {age 4}? Or is there someone who is that age you know? Here is the breakdown of the symbols as I see them.

safeway-place where you store emotional nourishment

chip-chip on shoulder

father-actual father

kill with one shot-can change something with just one attempt

little boy vanishing {age 4}-possibly you as a boy-childhood experiences where nourishment 'vanished'

desk-evaluating and weighing your problems, self-exploration and discovery
water gun-aggressive unconscious feelings

octopus-entangled in some difficult matter or situation.

ink-leaving an impression

Answer the questions I posed and look at the symbols. My impression is the dream is addressing issues with your father. Do you have a 'complicated' {octopus} relationship with him? If the boy is not you the question is do you have a son that age?

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