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gay man in dreams

A lot of my dreams lately have included me switching from myself or what i believe to be myself to a man which generally signifies my dreams becoming a lot less innocent... Last night my dream went from me exploring a city to suddenly being a man receiving fellatio from another man. I woke up irritated and confused.
I moved from Australia to Denmark four months ago and am having trouble fitting in, and am quite unhappy if that is helpful to you.
I hope i hear from you soon.

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Re: gay man in dreams

Weird dream huh? Well not as weird as you may 'think'. Denmark has a very liberal society that provides gays with as much protection and rights as any country in the world. I mention these traditions because it probably had something to do with why you had this dream.

Because you are a woman the men in your dream would represent your masculine aspects {animus qualities}. Fellatio is the stimulation of the male's member which would symbolize a stimulation of your animus. The city represents sense of community and your social environment. You are exploring these inner qualities, likely because the social environment is so liberal and different from what you grew up with in Australia. The fact you woke up feeling irritated and confused would reflect inner aspects toward your new environment as well as yourself. The fact you are having trouble fitting in is the emotional conflict the dream is trying to help you resolve {dreams are therapeutic tools to help resolve emotional issues}.
Not so weird after all, when you look at it metaphorically {as dreams generally do}.


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