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What does my dream mean

Well I started asking myself questions before I go to bed so that my dreams would be able to answer them. Last night I asked myself how I could become closer with this one person who is my friend, I only remember small fragments of the dream like I was in a ballet studio and we had to jump over the hurdles, I practiced everyday and soon became very aggressive and competitive with the other girls, I wanted to be the best at jumping hurdles.For some reason it felt like I was waiting for something, and I felt this weird vibe that everyone else in the room was waiting for the exact same thing we just didn't know what it was.At the end of the dream everyone congratulated me for winning the jumping hurdles contest. My appearance had changed somehow and I had a much more beautiful complexion, and a happy countenance.The friend that I had asked the question about before I went to sleep was there, I din't really understand this part, but I was sitting down in an empty room with chairs, and she kind of just laid on my lap and we talked for a while, it was really confusing. Did my dream have anything to do with the question I asked or no.

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Re: What does my dream mean

A good question about your question. From what I see, yes the dream did answer the question, in a way. Because there are only fragments of the dream it is difficult to say an absolute yea or nay but what you posted I see a positive dream result. Let's look at the symbols and see how they translate.
To get an understanding how dreams function read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams

The ballet studio would be that part of you that has to/needs to create a balancing act to achieve what you wish to gain in your life. Whether that is solely applicable to getting closer to your friend is a question that needs to be determined. It may apply to her but also to other aspects in your life {all dreams and dream images have at least two meanings/applications}.

There are barriers in achieving this balance and goal. Hurdles you must overcome. But with enough emotional preparation {practice} you become more able to get past attitudes that prevent from achieving your goal. There is a need to expand and grow as a person to get past the hurdled that allow you to realize achievements {being aggressive and competitive}. It seems there is the desire of wanting to stand out, to be noticed. That may have to do with 'standing out' so your friend will notice you but my sense is it is about other aspects about yourself as well. {1}Do you have a need to 'stand out' in life? Do you have an aggressive type personality and are very competitive with other students, not just in sports but also in general? {2}Or the opposite, where you wish to stand out but lack the will and personality to do so?
I get the sense the dream is as much about your general attitude than it is just the friend you wish to get closer to. Which of the two possibilities fits your personality?

You and everyone else waiting for something that is unknown may suggest there are aspects about yourself you have yet discovered, or perhaps have hidden in your unconscious to avoid emotional pain {the foundations of your personality are set in earlier life}. The term 'vibe' may support this, vibe meaning intuitive hidden feelings about yourself. Who you are today and why you act as you do would come from early life experiences/influences {this is mostly true with everyone}. If you are outspoken, or shy, it is primarily because of early life training. Dreams not only address the present day emotional conflicts, they will at the same time provide insights to why there are such conflicts.

The end of the dream is important because it often provides clues to what an answer is {dreams seldom come right out and give a direct answer}. At the end of the dream everybody {that represents every aspect about yourself as well as the desire for 'everybody' you know} congratulates you. This is because you were able to overcome the hurdles that were in the way of achieving a goal or goals. This 'victory' would change who you are {in the event you are a shy person you would be able to that}. You would 'appear' to be more than what is on the surface {to yourself, not only to other people}. I sense this is what the dream is really about although it does address the question about your friend {that answer would have to do with yourself and personality}

A part of the equation the dream is attempting to communicate is about your friend {she is there}, I believe that is true. But she also {and most likely 'primarily} represents a positive aspect about yourself {she is a part of you}. There is apart of you you wish to achieve, do better with. The empty room is a room within you and 'her' laying in your lap would be examining the conflicts that hold you back as well as the opportunities if you can overcome the hurdles. These are hurdles within you, emotional and personality wise. It is an inner communication you are having with yourself.

Which type of the two I suggested are you? {I'm leaning toward shyness}. My sense is the dream is addressing issues of personality, and because dreams also address the underlying reasons for why you are who you are, those deeper issues also. The later is something that will need to be worked out for later life. For the present day application the dream may be attempting to get you to realize your barriers in becoming the best person you can be. If you are shy then that would be the problem. If you are too aggressive {snotty type} them that would be the problem. Either way you are not living a balanced life and the dream is attempting to help you correct those personality deposits. That is what dreams do.


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