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Life long recurring dreams.

For as long as I can remember and since I have kept a dream journal I have had the same dream recur over and over.  

It always starts with me walking through this gorgeous park.  Everywhere I look are people I have met in my life.  Some I know better than others but everyone is there in this park.  They are doing park type actives like picnics and football games or frisby.  There is music, a band made up of people I know.  They wave and say hi but I'm not involved in any of the festivities.  

In the center of this park is a hill with a covered pavilion on top.  As I walk up the hill I see that the pavilion is full of people.  But these people have no faces.  I wander into the crowd of faceless people until I find the one person with a face in the pavilion.  They always grab me a look into my eyes and then say "I need your help.  Please help me".  I study their face and then I wake up. I always remember their faces and if I had any artistic ability I could draw portraits.

Now the strange part. In my waking life I have never met that person before.  I will have the dream and the next day I meet that person.  Every time its a situation where I couldn't have met them before that moment.  After I help them in whatever way they need they are added to the groups of people in the park enjoying the park.

Any ideas?

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Re: Life long recurring dreams.

If you are saying the unknown people you meet in your dreams turn out to be people you actually meet the next day, that would involve psyche occurrences beyond the norm. No one can truly speak to that with authority because we do not know the reason for it. There are people who have such 'psyche' abilities. And there are those who say they can explain it. I believe in the first but those who say they know why it is I am skeptical. Unless it involves something related to the psychology of the dreamer I tend to refrain from guessing at the possibilities.
Note: I use the term psyche instead of psychic because I see the later as demeaning to the real powers of the human mind. There are and have been true psychics {Edgar Cayce is one} but most are frauds. On the other hand everyone has at the possibility of being psyche since those things within the mind are common structures nature provided to all humans. Intuition is a psyche sense. But it is one most people never realize primarily because they do not need it for survival {as original man did in prehistoric times}. We all possess sensory aspects that have been lost or under used. Nothing magical about it unless you consider it magical that nature provided it for us.

The dream seems to be focused on your life in general. This is your conscious life, probably a lot as it really has been. A life where there are many positives but with many you did not participate in. Something about this positive life of friends you may have wished you could have been more involved with. What has kept you from doing that?

I am going to go out on a limb and present a possibility/probability to this dream and its message, something I don't normally do because it is seldom possible to read a dream and get a direct description of what is occurring in the conscious life. Normally the best an experienced interpreter of dreams can do is provide an outline of the dreamer's psyche.

There is something deep within your unconscious that you are not familiar with, an unconscious mechanism that has left you unable to realize the faces of the positive people you have met {which in reality the face belong to you, they are the faces you should have been able to express}. The one person you recognize in the crowd is also you. You recognize that face because it is the face that has control over your life. If you study that face in-depth, psychologically, you will begin to see your true self in it.

This is where I take liberties with my analysis. Consciously that person you recognize would be someone you are attracted to, become attached to likely because they are 'needy' like yourself. They need your help {is that a familiar refrain?}. But the person who needs the most help is you. You are unconsciously that person. Consciously you may seek out 'needy' people so you can help them. But you are substituting their needs for your own so you don't have to address your 'needs'. This is standard psyche, the people in your dreams are you. The liberties I take is to state the people {in real life} you meet and help are those types you need to help because you are unable to help yourself {psychologically}. It could very possibly be the majority people you meet and help have similar psychological problems you have. That would be why you are attracted yo them. I've know people who have married several times and it always ended in divorce because they kept choosing the wrong people. The underlying reason for that was because they were attempting to substitute people they married for psychological reasons. The men were like their fathers. Or the exact opposites and the reasons they married them was not for genuine love but as a substitute. The same goes for reasons we do things we do. We form relationships that are 'substitutes' for what we are lacking in our lives.

As for dreams of meeting people and then actually meeting them. Either that is a true psyche ability, or you unconsciously believe you are meeting them for the first time when in fact the person you meet in conscious life is being formed to be identical to the person in your dreams. There is an important difference and if it is the second then it is a continuation of the 'needy' person within yourself.


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