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I had almost the same exact dream as my ex, on the same night.

So a few nights ago I had a dream that I was on a cruise ship. I was walking around the ship, looking for my ex boyfriend. I walked down a corridor with multiple rooms and kept checking them to see if he was in one of them. Eventually I found him and we found an empty room and we just talked and sat together. In his dream, he was also on a cruise ship. He walked down the same corridor, also looking for me. He walked into a room and saw a girl who looked like his current girlfriend and when he called her name, the girl turned around and it was his ex girlfriend (the one before me) and he walked away from her and saw a group of girls in the corner. He walked over and found that I was over there and we walked off together. He said he forgot the rest of the dream. But mine continued. We were then in our old apartment and he was asking me to run away with him. It started snowing and these kids were trying to shovel us in to our apartment. But my ex walked out and beat them both up and we got in his old car and drove off holding hands.

I dreamt about him the next night too but I don't remember the dream, just that he was in it.

A bit of history, we were together for over two years. We lived together and he left me for a girl (his now current gf) he met a week prior in a bar. We also have a 5-month old baby girl together. We've only been broken up for a month and obviously I still love him. Recently he's been talking about scenarios in which he and her don't work out and that he would want to be with me again. He kissed me on Monday night (before we had these dreams) and everything between him and his gf has seemed weird to me lately. He's acting like everything is great between them but something with her seems off and out of the usual for them. I just was hoping for some sort of explanation or interpretation.

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Re: I had almost the same exact dream as my ex, on the same night.

The cruise ship would suggest both you and your by are on an emotional journey, exploring the emotions of relationships. The multiple rooms are 'inner rooms' within you and the corridor is a bridge between unconscious feelings {your true feelings} and conscious feelings/desires. Having to search so many rooms to find him may suggest it is difficult for you to see him in your life as things stand. When you do find him you go to an empty room which may suggest the feelings between you and he are empty {remember, these are your true feelings about the relationship and not what you wish it would be}.

His dream also involves an inner search. His looking for you may represent feelings for you. The multiply gfs may suggest he is unsure about his relationships which would suggest he is confused in his own mind {which suggests deeper personal issues when it comes to relationships}. He has a habit of walking away from relationships {and a likelihood from responsibilities}. His finding you within the group may suggest the two of you have common emotional issues. Both of you are looking for someone to be in your lives and the shared emotional issues may have been what attracts you to one another.

Your old apartment is a part of your past {remember the inner rooms}. In the past you felt he really wanted the relationship. The snow put a cold blanket on the reality, he was not sincere. The running away also likely represents each of you running away from deeper emotional issues {all dreams have at least two meanings/applications}. This is a part of the attraction between the two of you. The kids could be pointing to overcoming early life experiences/influences {the deeper issues both of you possess}. Your ex has much deeper problems since he is resisting taking responsibility for his actions {beating the kids}. Getting into his car may suggest both of you are doing the same thing, holding on {unconsciously} to deeper issues that affect your decision making when it comes to relationships.

My sense of the dreams is both of you carry deep emotional scars from early life that affect your relationships. But more so for your ex-bf {he is beating himself when he beats the boys}. I also see your ex as someone who is very confused {so many gf and looking for more in the crowd}. My advice is to get away and start anew. The issue of responsibility for the baby is an issue you must work on. He is as responsible {especially financially} as you. Don't let him shrink from those responsibilities. It will affect your baby's well being {you don't want your child growing up with childhood issues}.


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