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Witch/BlackCat Dream.

So my dream started that i was in high school. I was trying to find the way out, cause all the doors were locked, so i find a cramped dark little door, i go inside and when i start opening up the door lots of spiders came down and next thing you know im outside looking for my car. I make a right and i find my self looking at a weird home, i go inside and find my dad there. So i tell him if hes seen the car keys and he tells me there at the back? So im outside on the porch and flick one light on and on the right i see this lady in all black, black eyes, long fingers, and messed up black hair, and she was pale too, kind of dead just looking at me. I right away knew she was a witch? I dont know how but there was just a feeling to it. Then on the corner of my eye i see a other light which caught my attention turn on from the left and it was at a barn? From there i go to the barn cause the witch has disappeared and i see a black cat running towards me to attack me, it trys jumping on me but i catch it by its neck and slam it towards the ground. From there i start reciting some words that i don't even know and next thing you know i wake up from that dream. I've had a couple dreams about witches, i don't know what they relate to though.

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Re: Witch/BlackCat Dream.


My sense the dream is addressing issues of what you will do in the real world. It may have to also to do with escaping the situation you are currently in. The spiders would be lots of fears of what can go wrong when you open up to the possibilities in your life {the possibilities being fears themselves since you see so little of them}. Right turns are usually associated with social obligations. The weird home is an aspect of yourself and what you see is your dad. The car keys would be the keys to finding the right direction in life. Going back to your father, it may be in the back of your mind {keys are in the back} you may turn out like him}. The porch is your ego personality {the house is you and the front your personality} and when you look at that aspect of your life and the possibilities to satisfying it you discover repressed aspects that get in your way of success {childhood issues most likely}. The light on your left {which is usually associated with instincts and creativity} leads you to look elsewhere for better possibilities. But unconscious forces associated with early life experiences/influences also prevent you from moving towards finding a way out of the situation you are in. The emotional forces associated with early life experiences have cut you off from having a firm ground of support that would normally provide guidance for your future.

My sense is the dream is about looking for a way of your current life which is encumbered by emotional issues associated with early life experiences/influences. Do you see your father as a bad role model, one which you do not wish to emulate? There are barriers to successfully finding a career for your future and they are tied largely to the emotional issues in childhood.


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