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holidays solicitation and bunny costume

Good Morning,
I am sharing this dream although I don't feel it was finished; I woke midway but have not been able to shake this dream:My husband, me, and our children were living in a busy apartment building. My stepfather called one evening (it was spring) to discuss Thanksgiving now due to the "debacle last year" (sidenote: my sister and I had a fallig out this past christmas and have yet to truly discuss). There were lots of people going in and out of the builidng; it was busy. I told him I couldn't think about that right now and hung up. My husband then called me to say he was at a local bar (my husband is not a drinker)but needed help. He had been "joking with some ladies" and, actually, he could now get arrested for solicitation and didn't know what to do. I was trying to ask him questions but couldn't hear or understand what he was saying. I told him to come home and hung up. The ladies from the bar then showed up (three very different looking blondes - I can see their faces clearly but dont know them) looking for my husband. My stepfather called again upset and wanting to talk about thanksgiving. I remember telling him it was easter/spring, why do we need to discuss this now. I hung up. My husband then showed up absolutely drunk and I yelled at him to go up the back way to our place. (again, my husband doesnt drink)I remember thinking, how on earth did he get home being so drunk. I then remember going to look at easter baskets and seeing some bunny costumes, thought wouldn't it be great if we dressed up as bunnies for our kids for easter (they are young).

at that point, I woke up and am still wondering what was going on.

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Re: holidays solicitation and bunny costume

Hippity hoppity there needs to be more thanks giving to particular emotional issues in your life {instead of procrastinating}. This may be one reason for the dream. But there are likely associated issues as well. Let's look at the possibilities.

The busy apartment building would be your life in general {you are the building and are very busy with your domestic life}. One issue is the emotional conflict to do with last Thanksgiving. It is unresolved and as long as it remains as such it will 'nag' you until you do take steps to address the issue. Because are so many things going on in your life {lots of people going in and out of the building; it was busy} this issue has been put on the back burner when it probably be address now rather than later. It is an issue not only because of the debacle but may suggest there are other things involved that are taking an emotional toll {in what way is your stepfather involved, in the debacle as well as your life?}. You have 'hung up' without resolving these issues.

The call from your husband. What issues are there in that relationship that 'need help'? Something seems to need a release from buildup stress {drinking at a bar}. Joking is not taking something seriously and the solicitation {asking for help} may involve intimacy {ladies}. Are their issues on his part where does not 'know what to do?' {or not interested in doing hat needs to be done?}. Perhaps he expects a little more 'glamour' and a little less seriousness on your part. You know what that 'looks like' {is about} but you don't know that type of person within yourself. He needs to come 'home' to your realities and not his fantasies.

Then the other emotional issues come into play. You are not wanting to deal with that now, you again put it off.You want to start a new attitude without having to deal with the old {spring time}.

Your husband being drunk may suggest you feel he is losing a grip on reality {in your relationship}. Being serious seems to be a pattern in the dream. How can he not be serious about certain aspects to the relationship? Going to the Easter baskets may represent the worst of the 'material' problems would be over if you would put on a 'facade' to something you are not {Bunnies as in Playboy?}. Much like it was when you were younger and your life was a lot less stressful and busy as it is now.

Play with the husband part. There seems to be issues there but from just one dream {and not knowing anymore about you and the relationship difficult to sort out}. There may be patterns involved that has to do with 'putting things off'. The intertwining of the stepfather calling and the drunk husband normally would suggest a relationship between the two. Is it procrastination or your busy life or something else that binds the two together?


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