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Demonic woman screaming at me, face to face

For two out of the last three nights, I have shot awake after having very similar, but distinctly different dreams. In each dream, there is a demonic woman (vampire-like teeth, black hair) who screams in my face for several seconds, and then I shoot awake. The first time, the woman was young, pre-teens, and the dream was just her screaming in my face.

The second time, the woman was a spell-caster -- think gypsy or voodoo. She cursed someone in my dream (another woman), and then turned her attention to me. She started to cast her spell in what I can only consider to be gibberish. To refute her spell and protect myself, I began to pray and speak in tongues. As our screaming match escalated, I realized that the sound of her "gibberish" and the sound of my speaking in tongues were similar. Suddenly, her face turned into the that of a feminine demon, and she screamed in my face. Once again, I shot awake.

Does anyone have any strong understanding of what is going on here?

Thank you very much.

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Re: Demonic woman screaming at me, face to face

Two possibilities I see in the first dream {with both possibly being applicable}. One would be that there is a woman in your waking life that fits with the 'demonic' woman in your dreams. Someone who is sucking the 'emotional energy' {blood} out of you. The scream would be a cry of fear and/or anger. Faces in dreams often symbolize your personality {ego self}. The preteen age may point to a real life person of that age but could be pointing to something that is still developing. Have there been any experiences that fit with a real person? It could be an experience earlier in your life that is now surfacing {continuous dreams about the same subject often reflect this}.

Another possibility is the demonic woman is a part of your own psyche, your anima. In this case it would point to feminine aspects {read the page on anima/animus} within you that is, because of a negative personality trait or attitude you possess is sucking emotional energy from you. This trait would be from experiences in life that made you possess this type attitude. The screaming in your face could be your unconscious trying to get your attention so to make you aware of these inner issues.

Is there or has there been such a woman in your life? Look back at childhood to see if such a woman could be from your past. Also look to the second possibility. Even if there is such a 'preteen woman' the second possibility could still apply. One could have to do with the other, the real life experience causing an emotional complex within your psyche.

As for the second dream, the same holds true as in the first dream {the two possibilities}. Again there is a feminine aspect, a negative energy {voodoo} that has you caught up in negative emotions {curse}. There is something that is not clear in your mind {gibberish-speaking in tongues} and this cause you to respond in a like manner way {protecting yourself by doing the same thing 'she' is doing}. Similar actions or possibility possessing similar attitudes {if it involves a real person}. Or possibly a 'retaliation'. There is definitely a 'feminine' aspect that is a negative force {demon} in your life. The question is whether it is a real person or an attitude you possess, or possibly both {all dreams and ream images have at least two meanings/applications.


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