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Beer, sister, paralysis

Hi everyone

A few weeks after I had my flying dream this morning I fell asleep again and slept in and dreamt this:

I was back in my old bedroom which I used to share with my sister. I had had a beer and didn't want anyone to know I broke the rule against drinking while living in the house. I didn't know where to hide the beer can.
I found a photo of my sister when she visited me in Hong Kong. She was nicer then. I went back to my bed after that conversation (still in the dream)and then became paralysed, in my dream I was thinking did I eat seafood because in real life I have a seafood allegy that causes paralysis, and in the dream I was crying out to my sister to please please help me lift my head, please help me lift my head, because the pillow was awkward and I was paralysed.

That was the dream. Thank you all


Re: Beer, sister, paralysis

Going to back to your old bedroom would suggest visiting past memories of earlier life. Your sister would represent herself as well as 'related and close aspects' of your own feminine psyche. The beer would symbolize a lack of clarity to rules from earlier life past on to you from your parents. Should you follow these rules in application to how you live your life as an adult?

The photo of your sister would represent how you see things in relationship to the past {when things were simpler, not having the responsibilities as an adult you have now}. You may feel you lack of control of things as opposed as to the past because as an adult you have to 'consume' the emotional aspects brought on by life experiences {something you did not have to deal with as a child/teen/younger person}. The seafood is the combination of unconscious forces {the positives of early life} with the realities of conscious pressures you have to confront as an adult. The emotional qualities within you {sister representing the feminine aspects of emotions} cry out for assistance in this reality. The head is the thinking aspect and the awkward position of the pillow would represent awkward position of the mentality between the past and the present. These mental conflicts can cause feelings of losing control.

My sense is between this dream and the flying dream {and stated in the flying dream} periods of positive and negative emotions, clarity one day, confusion the next. This would be from expectations brought forth from early life and meeting the realities of being an adult. I dare say there are personality issues to do with this that can cause feelings of losing control. But those are countered with days of very positive outlook. In other words do you suffer from mood swings? It could have to do with early life influences as opposed to the realities of adulthood} but it also have to do with natural processes. You may be suffering earlier than usual episodes of midlife mood swings. If so {and it may not be a factor at all} it could be induced by earlier life influences {good parents and early life} and the realities of adulthood {pressures and stresses}. This would be a part of your personality. To determine whether this fits is simply answering the question about mood swings.


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Re: Beer, sister, paralysis

Hi Jerry

Fortunately I do not have mood swings. My moods are stable throughout the day,weeks and months and even circumstances have a barely perceptible impact on my mood. I wake up happy and am generally an optimist.

I am at the moment in the middle of an extensive project- I am changing professions and doing all I can to make the transition smooth. This involves learning new skills and training courses as well as career planning and preparing applications for new positions. There is a lot of pressure but it is something I want to do. My early life had a mix of both positives and negatives. Hope this input helps with your analysis.

Thank you


Re: Beer, sister, paralysis

Let's substitute the mood swings with challenges of having to learn new skills. It is not any mood swings as it is the new challenges as the 'periods of positive and negative emotions', having to deal with the new responsibilities and stresses.
Would that fit better?


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Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 64 Cocoa, Fl

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