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Ships, water and dolphins

I was in a huge ship like a cruise with parks, cute little animals, thousands of people. Blue waters, blue skies and blue dolphins swimming fast very close to the ship. Planes flying low, also blue. People were going to the water to swim with the dolphins. At some point, perhaps before I realized I was in a ship, I was in a group performing (singing and/or dancing) (I used to dance ballroom and I miss it), we were performing in a stadium for highschool kids. When we finished there was ovation we were happy and the kids surprised us starting to perform themselves for us and it was a lot of fun.
In the ship I saw a man who was charming and he was inviting me to follow him around. I was attracted but then I saw my ex-husbands face in him so I was thinking I should be careful and not allow myself to be charmed easily. (Note: I have been divorced for 20 years, and I have a civilized relationship with him. I feel no attraction whatsoever for him).

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Re: Ships, water and dolphins

My sense of this dream is you are in an emotional transition {ship}, at a stage in life where you have come to realize your life has been pretty much a 'song and dance' routine and not the person/life you should be living. The transition is about the need to let your 'animus'/masculine qualities take control so you can make the needed changes to be that true self. But because of your emotional past/self {personality traits may be involved} you are cautious. Wisdom is settling in and you are ready to make wiser decisions. The dolphins would represent the ability to work through these emotional issues. That is something you may finally are able to do and/or finally doing.

On a personal level, one that would be focused on recent waking experiences, there may have been or is an experience that requires caution. In the past you may have been easily taken in but because of life experiences you are more cautious. You are consciously aware of these experiences and the unconscious emotional energies that once took control over you and led you down the wrong path.

You can see where one aspect is related to the other. This is a positive change in your life.


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