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problems with cars

I was in my neighbourhood (different from my real one, it was muddy outside and the neighbours kids were playing in the mud and I did not like it, I thought the parents were not careful enough. Then the parents were giving me a tray with food to take somewhere, but the tray was so flexible that things fell off. Then I looked at the watch and it was 7:30PM and I thought I had to leave to go to class at the gym. WHen I went to the car, there was another car behind me blocking me. A neighbour told me that it belonged to another neighbour who was not home and happened to be the previous owner of my house. I was extremely angry and felt powerless. I asked me mom about my dad (he is dead and they had been divorced long before his death)and she told me he went to the doctor. The neighbough came but it was too late for class as it was 8:05PM. Suddenly my son was driving me, I dont know where.

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Re: problems with cars

My sense this dream is addressing formalutive issues from childhood that would have to do with personality traits and actions as an adult {assoiated with your previous posted dream Ships, water and dolphins. Dream neighborhoods are of the true self, the inner self as nature intended it {harmonious and balanced}, and the outside is the ego environment. Your 'outside' self is 'muddied' because your early life {to do specifically with parents}. You were provided with the basics in life and perhaps love and attention but not to the point that provided the emotional stability you need you fully blossom as an adult. These would be foundations on which your life is built and would cause unconscious actions that could lead to negative emotional actions and decisions. Because of these early life experiences/influences your life has been stagnated and you are at a stage in life where you need to learn to adapt to get past them. But when you seek to progress you are blocked, the previous experiences of early life being a barrier. This has led to some anger in your life {there may be actual experiences to do with anger} and has left you powerless emotionally {unconsciously and perhaps conscious feelings at times}. The mom dad issues is something that needs treatment {doctor}. It is too late for some aspects in your life {mom and dad divorced-you are divorced}. It is you and your son and that is what is/was the driving force in your life.

The pattern of the two dreams together seem to point to the early life experiences/influences {we all have them} that laid the foundations of who you have become as an adult. Chooses in life are not as random as we would believe the choices we make are as much as unconsciously driven by early life influences. As we age we naturally outgrow some of those influences and tendencies for wrong decisions {at least the lucky ones} but until we fully understand all there is to know about the controlling energies from early life we are left feeling powerless. This is because we consciously do not know or understand what it is that causes the 'void' in life {at mid-life meaning becomes an issue}. If one is lucky they find something to latch onto as a driving force that gets them through the early adult years and yours was your son {taking liberties in interpreting the son driving your car} . Often it is something worse, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. When the one thing that sustained you through the early adult years becomes less of a responsibility then the void sets in. Mid-life is a natural time for changes dictated as much by archetypal energies as anything else. My guess/sense is you are at a stage where the void is showing itself with great force and you need answers. You are in a state of transition {ship in your Ships, water and dolphins dream}. You don't know where it is all going to lead to.

Were these two dreams recent and did one follow the other? Usually an 'initial' dream will begin to display patterns of emotional influence and the next dream will add to it providing a little more detail and clues. Each dream there after will add more and the pieces will begin to form a distinct pattern. Sometimes the patterns can be recognized early on and future dreams will tend to repeat at least parts from previous dreams. Once the dreamer is able to recognize the issues the dream is attempting to communicate, and takes action to resolve the issues, the dreams will change and will be reflective of the new person that evolves from having learned {and resolved} the unconscious energies that were controlling the conscious self. Needless to say it can and is often a long process. But the end results are worth the time and effort since there is usually a tendency to find something that gives meaning to life. And often that involves creativity.


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