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Blood like soup (long)

I generally have really weird, random, crazy dreams every night. Usually they are bordering on disturbing, but they tend to not bother me as much as they used to. I've pretty much gotten used to them. However about twice a week I'll have a really bad one. This happened a couple days ago and it really bothered me the next day. It's been on my mind and I would really like to know what it means because I cant make any sense of it.

Some background information. That day in my art class we were beginning linoleum printing. which is where you have a chunk of linoleum and you carve out sections of it to make a stamp. Our teacher begged us to not cut ourselves this year; because, apparently, everyone in art is extremely clumsy. I'm 97% sure this has something to do with my dream. But I don't know why I dreamed about it.

I've also noticed that I dream about things I read a lot. I love to read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, and there were elements from things I've read recently in here too.

The first thing I remember is holding one of the carving tools we used in art class. The blade was buried in the skin just under my left collarbone. I was standing outside my body, staring at the handle of the tool gripped in my fist. That's all I could see; nothing else. I don't know what I looked like or if I was wearing clothes or what was around me. The tool was all I could see.

Then I was back in my body. There was a hill sloping steeply upwards behind me, it was studded with trees and boulders. The ground was a bed of pine needles. I don't remember a scene in front of me. I knew that my dad and two of his grad-students were playing Frisbee golf. But I didn't know where they were, and I didn't know where I was.

I didn't know how the carving tool ended up in my chest without a trace of blood. I was freaking out.

Did I do this? I didn't know.

I didn't know if I should take it out or not. I kept the blade in place, I just tried not to move it. I was trying to convince myself that I wasn't actually stabbed. That I was dreaming. That I was perfectly fine in real life.

Except I wasn't actually telling myself that. It was my dream-self trying to convince herself she was okay. But my dream-self didn't believe it. I didn't know I was dreaming. My dream-self hoped I was. But neither of us knew it.

I remember the shiny glistening silver of the blade holder pressed against my pale skin. Right under the bone. And I remember the red of the handle.

I was scared. Scared that my parents would be mad at me. For the blade in my skin. They'd blame me. They'd think I'd done it. I was scared I had done it. I didn't know how it got there.

And I kept jumping in and out of my body.

I'm looking at myself. And then I'm not. But I don't remember what I looked like.

(At this point I'm almost positive I was looking in a mirror the whole time. That would be why I knew what was behind me but not in front. And that would be why I could see myself even if I was in my body.)

Then I was holding the tool an inch and a half above my collarbone. There was no stab wound on my chest. I pulled the would somehow, along with the blade. It was my neck I was staring at this time. And the blade was on the right side now, not on my left. I didn't understand what was happening.(A mirror would also explain why the cut changed sides)

But I was sure I was outside. And I was sure I was going to be in trouble; for having a carving knife imbedded in my neck. (It's stupid, I know.)

I think that's why I took the blade out.

I was standing outside my body. The gash ran horizontal. Right above my collarbone. It doesn't go all the way across. Just from the left front side of my neck to the center. Like someone tried to slash my throat. And then it started to bleed.

And I was back in my body. I panicked and clapped my hands to my throat. It was like trying to hold the edges of a torn water balloon together. Trying to keep my blood in my skin. My neck felt rubbery; slippery. My hands came away red. But my blood seemed diluted; mixed with water.

I was outside my body. The gash stays straight. A red marker line. Then it droops and sags; following the contours of my collarbone. Gaping open. I almost threw up. I could FEEL it. I could see the inside of my neck; filled with blood.

I'm inside my body. There's a few seconds of sound: my parents voices. I started to run in that direction. I tripped a little. And the blood sloshed from my neck like water from a bucket. It hung in the air, moving in slow motion. It looked poisonous. The color of watery tomato soup. Then it splattered the ground. And I was holding my skin together.

I was in my body again. I don't know where I got it, but there was a survival kit for mending clothes. There was a needle in it. I began tearing something into long strips to use as thread. So I could sew my neck back together.

I was outside my body. The wound gaped open. It looked disgusting; felt disgusting.

Then I was standing in a subway station surrounded by crowds of people. They parted around me. It was a nice station. There's marble, and high, dark, vaulted ceilings, and a large clock. And a staircase, leading people down under where I stood.

I jumped out of my body and looked at my neck. I seemed okay; just a thin red marker line. But I know I shouldn't move too much. I knew the shadow society was going to kill thousands of people by gassing the subway. But I was not rushed or panicked. I was calm.

And then I was in a gilded courtroom, important people looked down on me. They argued about weather or not they should kill me.

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Re: Blood like soup (long)


The images in your dream are symbolic and unless there was a emotional conflict to do with your linoleum printing class it is more likely the dream is addressing an issue other than that {although it could be doing both if there was an emotional issue with the class or someone in it}.

The cutting tool with the blade buried in the skin probably is about an emotional issue that is cutting or can cut into you. You are 'gripping' an emotional issue and it is or can be an issue that is consuming at times {the constant dreams you have had and have gotten used to addressing the emotional issue in your life you have gotten used to}.

The part about your dad, not knowing where he was or where you were may be about the relationship with him {not knowing where it stands}. The grad students may represent a 'graduated' relationship or an experience that has become something more than normal {graduated from the norm}. Frisbee and golf involve round instruments which would represent wholeness/harmony. Something is playing with your emotions that prevents a harmonious life. These emotional issues have been embedded into your chest/heart. The question whether you 'do this' and don't know my suggest there are questions about being responsible for the reasons for these emotional issues.

Keeping the blade in place may suggest you may believe the emotional issues need to left alone for one reason or another {to do anything else may cause even more pain or trouble}. Again there are questions if what happened {the emotional experience} is really an issue or if you should just leave it as it is {it happened, move on}. It is in the past and consciously it is not bothering you {but unconsciously it is and will until it is resolved}. Your true self, your dream self knows the truth and you can not escape the true self/dream {it must be resolved}.

The part about your parents probably is about issues involving them {the only times dreams are literal is when someone close like a parent, sibling, husband/wife, are in the dream}. There may be something that happened that you are scared to talk about. But it could also be something you think you did that was wrong when in fact you were the victim. Let's keep that in mind {I sense that may be a good possibility}.

The mirror is a reflection of your true self and the being behind and not in front suggests there are unconscious issues/aspects {I won't break down every image. It is patterns I am looking for}.

Being in trouble for having a carving knife embedded in your neck is metaphorical for having emotional issues/conflicts embedded in you, unconsciously there but not consciously aware or unresolved {the neck represents connection of conscious and unconscious}.

You have to take the blade out if you are going to stop the emotional pain {the issue needs to be resolved even if it is something you have gotten use to. It is in your unconscious and r=will remain there {and be in your dreams} until the issue is resolved.

Hands on the neck could represent an inability or unwillingness to give 'voice to this issue. Blood usually symbolizes life energies. Water is unconscious aspects. There are conscious experiences that are in the unconscious {diluted perhaps suggesting the issue is diluted consciously but not unconsciously}.

I want try and interpret the rest of the dream. I think we have analyzed enough of the dream to see a pattern. There is an emotional issue to do with an experience/experiences that you probably don't want to talk about. You may be blaming yourself when in fact you are the victim and others would or want to make you feel you are to blame. In some way it involves your parents, either they are a part of the experience or it is something you are afraid to discuss with them. What woud, fit with this? You were having crazy dreams because t is an emotional issue with a lot of emotional energies. As time goes by you 'get used to the experience' consciously but never unconsciously. But because you do not consciously think about the experience it becomes less a part of your dreams. But it will always be there and will later in life begin to again reassert itself {mid-life and beyond the unresolved issues take on new energy-a part of the mid-life crisis we all go through}.

Let me know if you can connect what I have provided with an experience or/and emotional issue in your life. It does seem to be something you would recognize.

Before ending let me state there is a great difference in your dreams as opposed to Marie's dream Cartoon Dream. Your dream is clear {at least for me as an analyst} to a particular emotional issue whereas Marie's dream was much less so. This could be because she does not have a serious emotional issue to deal with as you seem to have. Your dream looks to be addressing a 'deeper' issue within the unconscious. These types dreams I can read more clearly because I can see a developing pattern of behavior in your dream whereas hers was less to the point, more or less willy nilly in its presentation. That may reflect the fact her issue is less serious or a need to analyze other dreams that will provide clearer patterns is necessary.


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Re: Blood like soup (long)

First of all marie and I are one and the same. I just decided to use my real name for this dream.

I do have issues with one girl in that class. I don't particularly like her. but I think she still thinks we're friends or something. I don't know.

I do have emotional issues. I am extremely shy. I don't like being in places with lots of people. I would rather stay home on a Friday night than do anything that involves social interaction. I also have fairly crappy self esteem (this is probably a result of me being bullied as a child). I also cant talk to people, like, at all. I get really scared, and I stutter, and talk really quietly and turn extremely red. And then I have all these bad dreams. I'm pretty sure those all fall into the emotional issues category.

This all seems like it's hitting me pretty hard. I'm usually pretty depressed. I'm not entirely sure why all this is happening to me, but your analysis seems fairly accurate.
I am having issues with my parents. They never really seem to take me seriously. I play soccer. And I've been having issues with my ankle for a while now. I've told them, but they don't take me seriously and its getting really bad. Also I've told my mom that I need to see a psychologist. She asked me and I said yes. Because I do think I need one, but she hasn't done anything about it.

Your analysis was extremely accurate. Why could this dream say this about me but the one I posted as marie say something else? Thank you for taking your time to do this.

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Re: Blood like soup (long)

I just thought about that a bit harder, and I know my emotional problems aren't my fault. But I think I'm subconsciously scared my parents would blame me if they knew the extent of them. I'm scared to talk about my dreams or my problems with them because I'm scared they'll be mad at me for having emotional problems or something. It's stupid. But it's real and I don't know how to show them how serious it is.

Again, thank you for taking your time to do this.

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Re: Blood like soup (long)

There it is. Your fear about your parents blaming you.This is as much about your parents as it is you. You are not to blame, they are. For not providing the support you need to be able to talk with them about your problems. That is the cutting blade in your dream. Communication of what is on the inside {of you} is most important especially in the formative years of life. If you can not talk with parents who do you talk to? They are the ones who have constructed the environment in which you live.

What to do is the next question. Counseling by a trained therapist will help if it is a possibility. Is there a counselor at school who would fit that role? If you can sit down and discuss it with him/her and then after a relationship is established with the counselor {where you trust that person} then bring your parents in and have a group discussion. Your fear of going straight to your parents probably won't work since it is a fear on your part and a failure on theirs. A mediator may be what is needed to bring your parents to an understanding of what you need.

As for the other dream {submitted under the name Marie}. It will likely make more sense now I know more about you and the problems you have with your parents. It is most difficult o analyze and interpret a young person's dreams because there is so much influence of current issues and the dream lacks specifics on the real emotional problems {by specifics I mean images that define what the issues may be}. Without knowing personal information these type dreams could be about most anything in a teen's life. The eventual message always has meaning but getting to that message when everyone in the dream is generic leaves little chance of pin pointing a specific issue. The second dream you posted had recognizable images and actions that pointed specifically in a particular direction. I was able to read those 'symbols' and provide enough about the images so you could recognize where they fit in your life. That is what I do when I analyze dreams. Provide clues to what the images might mean and then the dreamer will put the pieces together. You did just that with my analyze of the second dream.

If your depression is not related to traumatic experiences in life then the problem may be neurological, an imbalance of the chemical brain that causes disorders of nerves and the nervous system. This is a common problem with a great many people. Then when you add the problems you have with your parents {if that is not a part of the neurological aspects} then you add another layer of an imbalanced condition on top of another. Of course the neurology could be related to early life experiences/influences due to the lack of proper parenting. Resolving the parent issue may help resolve any neurological problems {and eliminate or reduce the need for medications}. Again, if possible seek out a therapist. If one is not available ask someone in authority at school who you trust for advice where to look for a therapist. Your problems can be resolved, it is a matter of finding the right people to assist you. You will need to take your 'masculine' self and take the initiative in finding those persons. There is help available somewhere.


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Re: Blood like soup (long)

Thank you so much for analyzing these dreams for me. You don't know me or anything, I'm just some random kid. But it really means a lot.

What you've said makes a lot of sense to me and I am currently still waiting for my mother to tell me wether I'll be seeing a therapist or not. It's not just communicating with my parents that I'm bad at, my people skills generally suck. I don't know if I'd even be able to speak to a therapist about me without breaking down and crying, but I guess I'll just have to wait to find out.

I would also like to thank you for interpreting my friend Erica's dream. We saw your feral cat program, and it really spoke to us. We would both love to donate, except we're both broke.

Thank you again for taking your time to do this.

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Re: Blood like soup (long)

Don't worry about contributing. That is for those who have a little extra to share. AS for the therapist I think it is important. Let your mother know you wish to see one. It could be a life changing difference.


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