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A wild ride

Dream: A Wild Ride

I find myself with my mother and my ex boyfriend jon. We are walking aimlessly through a forest until we stumble upon an abandoned military vehicle. Jon is trying to win my heart back, being as sweet as i remember when we were together in real life even though in the dream, i know that i am married to tyler. I feel strange when he flirts with me in the dream the same way that he used to, batting his eyelashes at me in a girlish and humorous, almost cute manner and bumping into me trying to hold my hand every chance that he gets. His long lanky figure's shadow next to my short one cast by the moonlight seems strange to me. He tells me that he is still madly in love with me and that he misses me and wants me to come back home to him. He says the past is forgiven, and dazie even wants to become friends again. At the mention of dazie, i tell him that there is no chance in hell for that. I felt anger and disdain at this point. We all get into what seems to be the old school military vehicle. With mom behind the wheel driving, and me in the middle with jon sitting next to me by the window still trying to be as close to me as he can, we approach a large wooden bridge suspended by two large trees. There is a sense of dread in my gut the second that i laid eyes on it. Once we hit the bridge, my mom began driving the wide vehicle on the bridge all crazy, making it sway back and forth on purpose. I keep screaming at her to stop because im scared, but she refuses. We sway precariously back and forth, higher and higher. I feel gravity (dream logic for you, huh?) finally take over once the bridge has swung so far up sideways and over that the vehicle is literally sideways in the air and at this point, I am absolutely terrified and screaming at the top of my lungs because I know that we are about to all fall from a great height. The vehicle topples off of the bridge onto the ground with a resounding bang that echoed through the gulch we fell into, surprisingly only slightly injuring my mom while greatly injuring me. My leg is broken, there is insurmountable pain in my ribs, so i know that they must also be broken, I lost the front left top and bottom front left tooth, and I am bleeding badly from cuts from the fall. Amazingly, jon walks away unscathed (which is ironic because in real life, he was always extremely lucky when it came to hazardous situations he was involved in. For example, he was working under an 800 lb motor and the jack holding it up failed. His legs should have been crushed, but he only came out with a small scratch). I do not realize my missing teeth until I look in a mirror later.  The scene changes to dominicks school, terrebonne where we meet up with him to find an  infirmary ( I have no ******* clue why we were looking for an infirmary in a school now, but it made sense in the dream). As we ascend the first flight of stairs, (and again, ironically note this set of stairs is much longer and higher up than any real life staircase) I painfully follow until I lose my balance towards the top and desperately grasp in search of the handrail that isnt there, and fall down this absurdly long flight of stairs, toppling down, end over end, hitting every stair along the way and sustain more bodily injuries. Jon and dominick run down to assess the extra damage. I feel like I have a concussion. Even though I know I am dreaming, I know that I cannot fall asleep under any circumstance because I could die, despite the fact that in the dream, I am extremely tired at this point. We walk through a basketball game going on where people point and ask what happened. The bright lights and sounds fill my senses and a feeling of adrenaline overcomes me. All of our clothes are tattered, save for dominick because he was not involved in the accident, but I am mainly the one covered in my own blood, who drew all of the attention towards us. I am pointed in the direction of a bathroom where I can clean myself up a little bit. I enter the bathroom to wash up and catch my reflection in the mirror. I see the damage done to my face and discover that my bottom tooth is completely missing and the top one is half missing. At this point, I feel very angry because in the real world, anything that happens to my teeth is one of my biggest fears. I feel so ugly knowing that the teeth were gone. Anger takes a backseat to self loathing, because of my physical appearance.  Leaving the gym, Jon is still trying to make me his, even with my disfigured face and broken body (hello dream logic, i shouldnt have been able to move, let alone walk this far). He tries to hold my hand and kiss me and tell me that I am still beautiful regardless. I feel flattered, but nothing more than that, which is a relief.  We search through the whole school, and once dominick catches on to what jon is trying to do, he begins to fight with jon over me, even though I am so mangled, which to me makes absolutely no sense (and I know that in the real world, I am married). At this point I am limping horribly because we have walked so far and looked to no avail for an infirmary. Hallways. Many hallways, corridors, and -cringe- stairwells resembling architecture from the early 20th century design for schools. It faintly reminded me of my high school, except the tiles on the walls and floor were red and yellow. Finally, we stumble upon a nurse that completely numbs my aching face and body with pain medicine and splints my leg and I feel extremely high. My mother only suffered mild injuries from the crash somehow and refused to apologize to me, which I find strange in the dream because I know that my mother is not truly this way. She only has a few scrapes and bruises and has this almost maniacal behavior in the dream, and it worries me greatly. She explained that in the vehicle, she was just trying to have some fun, and that I was just the collateral damage (ouch, much?). Scene changes again to just me and dominick alone together by a moonlit lake at night. Because i am still numb from the medicine and I still feel high, I know that my words are coming out garbled and are hard to understand. The conversation we had was deep, though i cannot recall its content. We are sitting on a bench together in the moonlight under a tree. After a while, we start kissing passionately, and I feel very happy. We are alone for a while, until jon shows up and finds us, and when he does, he breaks down in tears exclaiming and questioning how I could do this to him. I get up from the bench and finally tell him that when we were together, I cheated on him. I never told him in real life. I can see that what I said had broken not only his heart, but spirit as well. With tears in his eyes, he walks away and that was the last time that I saw him. I turn back to find dominick on the bench waiting for me to come back and sit down. I limp back, and notice little blinking lights of all different colors shimmering in the air over the lake and a feeling of peace overcomes me. Next to the bench, a blanket appeared, and dominick picked me up and gently laid me down. With him by my side, I closed my eyes, feeling a deep affection for him, then a falling sensation overtook me and I woke up.

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Re: A wild ride

Could you resubmit your dream and break it down by paragraphs? Dreams are like stage production where an emphasis on particular aspects make a difference in the performance of the images and actions. Dreams have a 'flow' of patterns and that is what I look for when analyzing. If the post is not written in proper form then it makes it that much more difficult to interpret. What should be a commentary of a stage production of the dreamer's emotional life becomes little more than thrown together images and actions that leave less chance of interpreting the direction the dream is attempting to go.


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