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Dying and coming back alive

I had this dream last night , myself and my crush agreed to marry suddenly my crush dies due to falling down and getting injured in back of the head and i don't believe she has dies and at finally before cremation she comes to life smiles and hugs me what does this means?

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Re: Dying and coming back alive

When you say crush do you mean someone you have a crush on but you are not actually in a relationship with? That could make a difference in what the dream is about {as opposed to someone you actually have a relationship with}.

Other than that I believe your crush represents not only the girl but she is also symbolic of your emotional self {a feminine aspect}. This is typical for dreams {all dreams have at least two meanings/applications}. If there is not a real relationship it could be a wish fulfillment dream {your dream, what you wish for} if it is someone you are not in a relationship with. If this is the case then her falling down and dying may suggest there are fears on your part that your wish {to unite/be with her} will fall short and put an end {dying} to your wish. The back of her head would be these thoughts in the back of your head. The cremation would be the burning desire that is resurrected and allows a fulfillment of your wishful desire to begin a relationship that does not exist.

If there is a real relationship with your crush much of the above could apply but there would be a fear of something that would put an end to the relationship {instead of a wish mentioned above}. Has there been a recent experience that made you fear the relationship might end but then something happens to change the negative possibilities to a positive one {she smiles and hugs you}? This could also fit with your inner feelings, one moment you have thoughts you feel she doesn't want to be closer and then something happened that made you feel she is acceptable to it. In the back of your head {your crush would symbolize your emotional self} there was a fear of an end to some aspect in your life {if not the girl then something else you have good feelings toward} but before it could happen something changes and you feel an acceptance of it.

Many possibilities to such a short dream. Let me know your thoughts, and the status of the relationship with your crush, and perhaps we can determine more from any added info {that is stimulated by the possibilities I provided}.


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Re: Dying and coming back alive

Hi Jerry, Thanks for your quick reply, my crush and i don't have any relationship, but many dreams(sometimes like a vision) involving my crush comes to me. One of the vision came true also, that is why i wanted this to be interpreted Thank you for your interpretation

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