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Random! shopping, toad/ bear and bee stings


I had random dreams throughout the night but it wasn't 100% clear all I can remember was going to a charity shop and buying things and then a Market and looking around I then found myself in a strange place with my sister. She had to leave, when she left she went underground. Whilst I was waiting for her I saw what I thought was a deadly toad, I panicked about it but followed it around just so I knew where it was going. It kept stopping and looking at me but when I got closer it was a toad sized bear wearing a jumper. My sister returned, I told her about it but as we were going to go back inside a swarm of bee's were hovering but we had to get past, I said lets go slowly but she grabbed me and ran, we got badly stung. We made it indoors and had bee stings everywhere, for some reason I was naked and had pointed out the stings I had on my private parts. I remember pussing my spots and then woke up.

Can anyone Analyze this please this please x

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Re: Random! shopping, toad/ bear and bee stings

This dream seems to be getting to the underlying issues that may be the cause of emotional issues in your life. You mentioned you have had counseling for childhood issues and this may be picking up on that. The underlying issues may be the motivators I saw in your previous posted dreams. Here is my interpretation.

You are seeking aid/relief from past experiences that may have also involved your sister, experiences that you wish to or have pushed into your unconscious {your sister may symbolize your emotional self and/or your real sister}. The toad would represent emotions that have been suppressed but unconsciously 'follow' you. The toad size bear could represent unrecognized/unconscious aspects to do with your mother or, if not your mother would represent powerful emotions that could grown larger. These are experiences you attempt to get past because of the emotional 'sting'. Unconsciously they are even stronger causing stings in every aspect of your life. These unconscious emotions need to be exposed {naked}. They may involve your actual private parts {sexual experiences}. If not that the private parts would point to experiences you wish to keep private and/or experiences that have been pushed into the unconscious so they are kept private from conscious awareness {it could be both sexual experiences as well as 'private' experiences}. The ***** would be draining the emotional experiences so they can be recognized and reconciled.

What childhood issues do you recall that would cause emotional conflicts? Were there sexual experiences that could be an issue? You stated that the counseling sessions were not right for you and you are going to health retreat center. What was it about the session that didn't fit? And what type retreat are you planning on attending? Is it a therapeutic event with trained personnel who can help with psychological issues?


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