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A conscious request in a dream

Hi, and thank you!

My dream begins by me feeling a sense of longing for serenity. I am longing and dreaming of a place, in my dream that has snow-capped mountains and deep blue lakes, and just natural beauty. I am there for an instant, and I am in a boat, but then the scene changes to chaos. I am in an environment that is on the verge of chaos and violence. I walk into a house, and at the doorway standing by a sink is a witch doctor. She was in one of my dreams many years ago. I submitted to her by bowing and she blessed me by placing her hands on my head. Since, then, but not because of that dream, I have absolutely distanced myself from all religious beliefs. I wouldn't even call myself that spiritual. I believe that we (mankind) are our own saviors, yet despite my skepticism and somewhat condescending thoughts about her beliefs my only words to her were, "I need to talk to God". I really felt desperate in that moment, because everything in my life is challenging and I always wonder if I am on the right track. When I asked that question, I left the surrealness of the dream state and I became fully conscious in my dream, just like I did the first time I met her. She looked at me with no emotion and just answered, " You have to make a tunnel to your heart". Then she said, "You have to get past your dimple" (In real life I have a dimple on the left cheek and I have always been complimented on it, that's the only reference/feelings I have to the word dimple). I was totally confused, and she repeated it several times, and then the dream faded.

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Re: A conscious request in a dream

am faded.
My sense about your dream is it is focused on the inner journey you need to take to find that place of serenity you seek. The outer world is full of chaos that offers few benefits when it comes to the true self {the outer world is controlled by ego, social duty and material worth}. Only by going inward {walking into the house} and submitting to the greater feminine power {Jesus lived from the feminine as did the Buddha} can you find that place you seek. In the social world witches are taboo but in the inner world it represents an acceptance of the greater power within {forging religion and blazing your own path}. It is the emotional self that holds us back {no emotion, just an answer} and we must 'tunnel' inward {tunnels are symbolic of the womb} to reach the true self/heart. The real identification is the inner self {dimple} and the ego must be impressed by that other self and submit to it. But because the ego does not wish to relinquish control the mantra to go inward must be repeated until you naturally live from the inner world and not the ego world.

My take is you are grappling with these issues of the true self and your place in it {you are that beginning stage of the midlife phase when these things naturally occur}. You have rejected the controlling world of religion {rightfully so} but because of the indoctrination you are left with many questions as what path to take. Joseph Campbell tells us we must be the hero/heroine in our own lives and to discover the true nature of our being we must go inward {psychological}. Objectivity must overrule the emotions. But there also must be an acceptance of the metaphysical aspects {beyond physical but not miraculous}, those inherent aspects within nature that point to understanding of meaning. As Campbell stated, there is no meaning, we are human animals and we must find our own meaning. And that is found within and flows from the center to the outer world {when realized and accepted}.


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Re: A conscious request in a dream


Thanks a lot for your time and interpretation. I have begun to dig into Campbell. A lot of what you wrote really resonated with me. I am looking for God whatever it is and I am searching for meaning. There is a desperation in me longing for that connection. I am looking forward to the next leg of my journey.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35/male

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