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dream interpret


i have been having very strange dreams since two months back when i decided to leave the church after hearing that the prophet of the church is sleeping with his PA and that time i was dating the prophet. But im now back in church. the first dream i had was of the white tent of the church tearing apart into two parts and the two parts flew up and turned blue on the electric wire, after the third day the tent tore up and the decoration inside the tent was blue and white. the second dream was the drums, i dreamed of white and golden brown drums, but my heart was on the golden brown one as they seem quite alot and the white drums were few. the church didnt have drums and prophet requested someone to give him money to buy the drums, i had the dream on friday night and on sunday i found white drums at the tent. my last dream of this morning was that, i was in church holding this little baby girl of 8months in my hand and she had this hairstyle that the PA of the prophet has, a mohawk hairstyle. but at first in the dream whilst i was holding the baby, on both the shaved area there were white patches that had a drawing of a fish shaped like eyes, and when i removed the patches thats when i realised that the child is having the style of Prophet's PA and when i asked the mother in anger as to why is the chld having the hairstyle of the PA the mother cried. The PA doesnt like me and doesnt greet me after that story of me being told about them and prophet and i confronted her and ever since then we dont talk me and her. please explaing my dreams Sir

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Re: dream interpret

Because these dreams are incomplete {you noted in the third dream images of the baby in the first dream} it is difficult to provide a complete analysis of the dreams. Here is what I do get from what you provided.

First Dream
The white tent would represent anxiety and doubt about things as they are in your spiritual life. The two parts that are being torn would be your emotional attitude related to the tearing apart of your relationship with the church. The electric wire represents those emotional energies. Although three represents positive aspects in Western cultures it often represents something not whole or complete in Jungian psyche. It can also represent resolution to emotional conflicts. The inside of the tent {you} is still very much connected to your spiritual self despite the conflict with the church and prophet.

Second Dream
The drums are a symbol for the soul, the inner voice of the spirit. Gold is a symbol for the true self which is the spiritual Self. White drums would represent purity which, after discovering the truth about the church prophet, no longer provides the spiritual nourishment you seek. The church is more about money, and 'profit' off the emotions of its followers {these are intuitive energies that only the soul can detect}. The fact you actually found the white drums at the tent may suggest there are spiritual energies within the group of people at the church {but not the prophet and his close people}.

Third Dream
You are holding onto the past spiritual experiences but needing something new from the relationship with the church and/or people within the group. The 8 months possibly if not probably fits with a real waking life experience but the reference {unless you have an 8 month baby would unlikely to do with a baby girl which would be symbolic}. What occurred within the past 8 months that involves strong emotional experiences. The baby could be symbolic of something new, a relative new 'thing' or experience. My sense is you have discovered within yourself spiritual aspects beyond the need of a prophet but because of the indoctrination this 'new' aspect has not yet completely developed {still a baby}. But because you have seen the truth about the prophet and his close advisers {who defend him} you can see the real truth and unconsciously know this {fished shaped eyes are seeing the true spiritual self-fish being a symbol of Christ}. There is anger about the deception {you are the mother of the baby, your true spiritual self} and being misled. You no longer fully accept the word of the prophet and the church.

My sense from the dreams, from what you provided, is you have returned to the church but unconsciously if not consciously no longer trust what is preached. This would fit with the natural aspect of the spiritual self since the spirit is within you and not in someone else who claims to be a prophet. Look within yourself for the true spirit and not outside yourself would be the natural message of the psyche {psychology}.


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