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My Ring

Hi I appreciate your time to spare.. no I really do, Thank you

Well I have had several dreams about a ring with weird symbols on it and today I walked into a store at the mall and saw the exact ring in my dream I have been having, the thing is... I wonder what the symbols mean. Hopefully you can tell me, if not I am positive the answer will show through the fog soon cause life's a trip!

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Re: My Ring

The type ring in your dreams/saw could make a difference in its symbolism. Rings generally symbolize wholeness either by uniting with the opposite sex {wedding ring} class rings which would represent uniting with peers, personal rings which would represent uniting the outer image with the inner self {true self}. Dreaming of rings in general would probably be about becoming whole from recognizing and reconciling aspects about oneself that are not in balance {emotional issues to do with life}.

As for seeing the same type ring in a mall store could be mere co-incidence. But there is a possibility Synchronicity, chance occurrences where no causal connection can be demonstrated between two events, but where a meaningful relationship nevertheless exists between them. The dreaming of rings would point to a desire/need for wholeness and an actual waking experience would help lead you to that wholeness. Usually synchronistic events occur at an important time in life. For me it was when I was going through my thirds divorce and needing guidance and just by chance turning my television to PBS and seeing Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth. I went from a couch potato, beer drinking sports fanatic to a introspective, knowledge seeking type who became interested in dreams and web design and in the process discovering the unconscious motivators that kept me from being whole. I became an entirely different person, my true self.

To answer the question whether it is a mere co-incidence or synchronicity is has the experience presented any major changes in your life {or could lead to them}. Either way seeing the ring at the mall may have been a mere co-incidence and have no other meaning. But a constant dreaming of rings could suggest there is a need for wholeness and an understanding what it is that would bring that about. That is what Jungian psyche can do {as it did for me}.


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