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Ghost after death

I dreamed that I died in my bed. My family may have been gathered around my bed, then I saw a couple of paramedics carry my covered body out while a next door neighbor watching. Then, I talked to my sister as a ghost (who doesn't believe in ghosts) and she acted like I was not dead since we could still talk. I don't know if you would call me host, but I was jus talking to my sister in spirit instead of body form. I don't remember the rest of the dream details.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 30, F

Re: Ghost after death

My sense of the dream is you have unconscious aspects where there is a need to resolve emotional conflicts/experiences that has influenced who you are. It has affected your whole being and you need assistance in uncovering those aspects that have to do with self image. There is a 'ghost' part of you which may suggest aspects you have hidden or repressed. On the outside you pretend it isn't a concern but inward it is a serious conflict. The 'talk' is a conversation that needs to be had between your unconscious and conscious self. The inner conflicts have affected the 'spirit' of who you are.

What experiences in life would fit with the above. There is a possibility these are experiences you shared with your sister {she would represent herself as well as a related aspect of yourself}. My sense is you either have 'covered' up these emotions or repressed them. If they are repressed it may require some deep examination to bring them out.
In summary you have 'ghosts' that have changed {died} who you are/or should have been if particular experiences had never occurred.


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