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Different dreams same message from the scorpion& the dog & the snake:

First dream: Me and my cousin we are in the uncles hotel's garden, running from a scorpion.Actually the scorpion is following my cousin not me but I am afraid of it. Then we start to run after the scorpion and suddenly it runs away by shouting and he says to me: "I am not what you are thinking/imagining /estimating".And I say "Than tell me what are you?" but he doesnt answer back.

Second dream:We are in a small room, my dad, my mom and me. This is my parents new appartment(but only in the dream), I am visiting them. My dad has a dog(in real he doesnt), he is barking and trying to attack to me. Dog looks very angry, I feel I am afraid and I start to shout. I say: "Quiet, stop!"But the dog goes on he tries to attack, than my dad says stop ! to him, he gets very angry to the dog. After all the dog calms down. But when my dad turns his face the dog looks at me and says: "I' ll see you again. This is only beginning, we will meet again".

The third dream: I am outside watching a sacrifice ceremony. A man is killing a bull or a cow. His son is running after a very big serpent. The snake -a big one- is running into the forest, the man says to his son to leave it alone. The kid stops following it. The snake stops and looks directly to my face and says: I 'll come back and we will meet.
Actually I dont hear it saying but I feel the sentence deep inside.

PS:Here there are my three different dreams, I had them in the same month. After the third one I felt the connection between them.
I left the city life and settled down in a small village and live in a community. I am a very happy person, I feel supported in the nature. I always used to give attention to my dreams but lately -in last 2 months- I have excatly 3 dreams at night. I write down each of them in the morning. I am very interested in working with my dreams. This situation seems a bit weird to me, I mean having3 dreams at night and remembering all of them... I need a facilitator on working with them. Thank you for your interest.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 31/Female/Turket

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Re: Different dreams same message from the scorpion& the dog & the snake:

Here is what I get from your dreams.

First Dream
Scorpions often symbolize painful experiences in life. They can also represent destructive feelings that have to do with an experience in life. This experience could involve your actual uncle and cousin or/and they could be symbolic of parts of yourself, aspects of family heritage. The cousin could represent 'related aspects' you have in common with your cousin. You may have similar experiences as your cousin related to your uncle. Or if symbolic of heritage traits aspects she possesses you also have or identify with. "not what you are thinking' may refer to not have given much though to these experiences {repressing them because of the painful experiences}. Have 'him' tell you what he is and not answering could also point to repressed memories.

First look back at the time frame in the dream and see if there are any emotional issues with your uncle that also involve your cousin. If so there may be repressed emotions you have yet to confront and need to be resolved. If not the uncle and cousin would be symbolic images of yourself and may relate to changes/transformations you are going through {at the time you had the dream}. These changes may be painful {scorpion} and confusion reigns due to the changes and or the pain from the experiences.

Second Dream
Your parent's new home {but not literal} may represent new aspects in the relationship or new things you re now remembering {visiting them} you have forgotten, ignored or repressed. The dog could symbolize inner conflict, distrust related to an emotional issue that is 'attacking' you. The dog could also represent a real person, someone you are afraid of and had to chastised for certain actions on his part. The barking may be your unconscious attempting to get your attention. You may be able to 'quieten' the dog temporarily but the emotional will always return as long as there remains a conflict.
Could the dog be your uncle. If you answered yes about issues involving him from the first dream then the second dream could also addressing any issues to do with that.

Third Dream
The ceremony may represent going through a crucial moment in your waking life that requires your commitment and sacrifice A time of transformation {snake}. In this scenario the son would represent an undeveloped masculine aspect. A time for introspection, self-discovery, and inner changes. The snake as a symbol for changes and transformation and going outside may suggest conscious experiences that are happening in your life {to do with emotional issues}. Meeting the snake may suggest a need to face the unconscious emotions and resolve any conflicts. Killing the cow/bull may suggest killing a prosperous life because of past emotional issues that have not been resolved.

Look at what I have offered and take the possibilities and see how they may fit in your life. There does seem to be references to transformation/changes. Often dreams have a stimulus that brings back forgotten, ignored or repressed emotions and that could be related to changes of focus, you have begun to remember negative past experiences that are life changing. Your response may provide additional insights to what the dreams are trying to communicate.

As for working with dreams and learning more how they function start with my page A Simple Guide to Dreams. This is the Jungian perspective on dream psychology which has become the foundation on how most approach dreams. Freud has pretty much been dismissed and Jung has taken his place.

As for the 3 dreams each night. That could be just co-incidence. There are different stages of sleep and REM sleep is when we dream most {although we can dream in non-REM sleep}. REM sleep happens 4-5 times a night. It could be you only go into REM sleep 3 times a night or for some reason you can only remember three dreams. Most people have trouble remembering one.


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