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Stabbing a familiar black cat

Hi everyone,

Last night i had this dream of a black cat which looks very familiar to me, but something tells me it is bad, suddenly it pounces on me at that time i am having a knife in my hand, something tells me to kill it and i stab the pouncing cat right in the heart and i hold the cat in knife, but still the cat doesn't seems to be in pain but it stares at me and it still tries to attack me but i'm safely away from it because of the knife i stabbed .

Please interpret the dream for me

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Re: Stabbing a familiar black cat

the symbolism in your dream points to negative emotions you need/desire to 'cut' out. It may involve anger and possibly romance. You deal with the emotions by holding them in but the need to confront the issue continues to be a problem because of the anger it causes.

The dream may be addressing recent experiences or it could be dealing with deeper issues. It could be both, the recent experience being an emotional conflict that you need to resolve as well as issues from early life that does the same {those issues would be the foundations for personality and how you deal with issues in life}. All dreams have at least two meanings/applications. My sense there are recent experiences {perhaps to do with relationships} that is the primary focus of the dream.


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