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Gem/Baby/Train Dream

I recently had a dream where i was bobbing my head along walking east on a rail track, the color yellow and the sun were particularly notable. the feeling of rust.
suddenly i start to notice these brilliantly colored jewels. I am very excited by them, they have some deep significance to me. I start picking them up like ive struck the jackpot, like a little kid gathering up free candy. it makes me giddy, and its overwhelmingly joyful.

then i hear the train coming headed west toward me, i feel that the dream is about to end and there is urgency to me picking up these gems, it feels as if im stealing, its a rush like ive found some hidden hey, i feel a little pang of guilt over it. the train is getting closer.
suddenly the gems on the rail start to turn to babies, little embryo cute things. I am caught in a sort of paralyzed state im shocked but the rain is almost there. hard to explain at this point, i feel myself withdrawing and i am only able to grab one child. im not even sure if i was able to grab the child.
the train hits the area where the gem/babies are and there is a flash out almost like bubbles the gem/babies are torn up into the air like bubbles and as they are carried off into the air the children are exponentially aging into men and then they are popped like bubbles.

i will say of my own interpretation that it has to do with my recent debate over pursuing a life that enables me to become an artist versus pursing a life around a child. I want both equally but since i am in a bit of a limbo state not being able to chose between them there is a feeling of guilt or imbalance. anyone have any thoughts? aaht are your thoughts on people who dont have children? I have a bit of difficulty finding meaning in the art i do and also the idea of having children feels strange to me. any thoughts are very welcome:)

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Re: Gem/Baby/Train Dream

My sense of the dream it is addressing your issues of insecurity or/and being unsure of the direction in life you need to take. The insecurity issue would have to do with personality and early life experiences/influences. The direction in life may have to do with losing track to the goals you have set or need to set {yellow is a color of decline as is rust}. The rust would also be addressing early life issues to do with the past {rust is caused by aging}.

The jewels would represent values as well as advancement {all dreams, all dream images have at least two meanings/applications}. This part of the dream seems to be pointing to some recent experiences where you have discovered something promising and valuable to your life. It would also be something that may bring resolution to any early life emotional conflicts. One would have to do with the other. It is a significant event in both aspects.

The train going west may represent finding fulfillment in a world that is usually dedicated to conformity {think of the movement westward during the 1800s, going west to find a new life}. There may be a real conscious fear to do with 'the dream is about to end'. This would precipitate an urgency, possibly a real life feeling but likely one to do with personal growth that has to do with early life issues {an urgency to resolve these issues before they take control of emotional energies}. The feeling of 'stealing' would be related to unfulfilled/unrealized goals possibly do with actual set goals in adult life but also to do with unrealized emotional needs from early life. Guilt could be symbolic of repressed and negative feelings that you may have about yourself as well as your ability or desire to handle achievements.

The gems turning to babies and being in a state of shock is for me {in one aspect} a statement about early life foundations to personality and who you are as an adult. There is a need and perhaps an opportunity that has presented itself in recent events to make advancements or achievements that will help resolve these personal issues that hold you back. Are you the personality type that tends to hesitate/withdraw before achieving a final result? The typing of personality would go back to early life with a need to overcome/understand the unconscious drives that control your conscious actions {grabbing the baby}. It would also be related to current events/experiences where you may need to make decisions whether to proceed or refrain or be hesitant in your actions.

The train {your progressing in personal growth while carrying the emotional loads in life} is upon you and decisions have to be made. Bubbles are situations that are isolated from reality or unlikely to last which would point to situations before you that may need to be taken advantage of while the opportunities last. Your decision making is related to personality but the decisions to be made are ones that have to do with opportunities that must be taken advantaged while you are young. Otherwise in later life {aging} you may let them pass you by. The babies in your dream would be both the new opportunities before you as well as the energies from early life that are the foundations to personality and decision making as an adult. There are insecurities that prompt you to be unsure, perhaps indecisive as an adult.

I did not read the last paragraph to your post prior to my analysis. I often take a dream and analyze it without reading the full post. What you state about the desire in becoming an artist vs the responsibilities to a child could very well be the emotional conflict you are currently facing. But how you handle these situations is also being addressed in the dream {a usual process with dreams}. Is your hesitation due solely to circumstances that are related to the present day events or is it a part of your personality as well? I can say it is most important to follow up on creative possibilities early in life or you can be left out in the cold in later life {I didn't take advantage of my true creative self until I was 42}. But responsibilities are important as well. It may be you will have to do both {there are babies and gems, plural, in your dream}. From the dream there does seem to be fears the 'dream', the creative possibilities, may come to an end. You have found the 'key' to life {creativity} but you are paralyzed by other factors {including the personality issues}. This is may be due to the idea you can 'grab' only one baby when you may need to expand your horizons, go beyond your usual self, and take on both issues. The creative aspect is most important but the responsibilities to do with your children are also. You can not abandoned your children because the laws of cause and effect {karma} are always lurking {from experience I know these laws to be true}. Train tracks have two rails and perhaps you need to find ways to have two rails in your life. This may be one aspect of what the dream is addressing in association to early life experiences/influences.

A bronze mine could be addressing fatherly care in his {your son's} life, maintaining or establishing a relationship that would fulfill his emotional needs {gold whole represent wholeness, bronze a lesser material}. His pulling on a string from a door may represent removing barriers or opening new opportunities that would provide binding and cohesion in the father/son relationship {you as the father possess the power as the owner to provide this}. His pulling the string would bring about a change {death/killing in dreams represents an end to something} in you. His unconscious feelings are you do possess the power to do this {you killing that part of you that is lacking in the relationship}.

Two possibilities to my analysis. Either he feels he is not receiving the attention and acceptance in the relationship with you or the dream is merely re-enforcing the inherent archetypal energies we are all born with, the inherent need for love, attention and acceptance between father and son. If he were older I would definitely look to the first possibility since at an older age the father/son relationship has been established and any lack of wholesome relationship would be an emotional conflict that needs resolution {such lack of a fatherly relationship often motivators more personality and behavior in later life}. But at eleven, and if the relationship is strong, then kit could merely be the archetypal energies in play {think of these energies as with a turtle knowing to run toward the ocean when hatched from the egg-they know naturally what to expect}.

What you need to consider is how strong is the relationship with your son. Do you spend enough time to provide the love and acceptance a son needs? The early years in life are the most important and building a strong relationship is vital to a child's mental health. The dream may be revealing unconscious if not conscious emotions. If the relationship is 'very strong' then look to the archetypal associations. But consider the actual relationship since it can be most important to your son's well being.


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Re: Gem/Baby/Train Dream

this is te first time i join a forum about dreaming.

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Re: Gem/Baby/Train Dream

Thanks alot i want to take you thoughts in and process, very illuminating thank you.

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