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Anxiety dream

Driving around with the researcher that I assist, we were going or trying to go back home from a field trip with the other assistants.We were trying to get home.
We stopped at the apartment complex (where she lived), and there was an apartment that had the door open and I could see red stains on the counter. I wasn’t until later that we found out that there had been a killing. I walked by again and the entire apartment was covered with blood splatters on the wall. Then it was night time and I was in the living room and heard a door slam shut. So I got up to check and the girls in the other room were freaking out. One of them said she opened the door and that the door closed by itself. The lights went off and we began to freak out and be aware of any shadows.
Then the dream changed. I remember there was this big red slide,it was like a tunnel; huge. I wanted to slide down, so I went up the slide only to see that there was a car coming down since it was part of a race track. So, I went all the way to the top and saw there were some dinosaur looking monsters in a small jungle like area that were protecting something. When I was finally at the top and looked down the slide, I didn’t want to slide anymore since it was pretty big and scary. There was this other guy and he had took what we figured out to be an egg, so we could see the t-rex coming out and I woke up.

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Re: Anxiety dream

Here is what I come up when analyzing your dream.

Trying to get back home is a need/desire to get to a place in life where you are whole, live an emotional balanced life. Field trips and research assistants is what dreams are about. Researching the inner realms of the psyche to discover and resolve any emotional conflicts/issues. This would be the primary message of the dream.

Often an apartment complex is pointing to actual complexes within the dreamer's psyche. When you do examine your psychological self {open the door} you see emotional energies that are in conflict {red stains}. Killing is an end to something and/or experiences that causes changes to the dreamer's personality/life. The emotional energies {blood} cover the whole self but they are barriers {wall} to understanding them. Often we 'slam shut' any negative experiences so not to have to endure the pain they cause. When you do examine your inner life {psychological} you find emotional issues 'screaming' to be discovered. You automatically shut yourself off from these emotional events. There are shadows you wish to keep hidden away.

The dream changes. The slide points to the instabilities in your life and the tunnel is a link between conscious and the unconscious. The race car is and race track may point to your life style {fast track} but also attitudes that prevent you from 'getting ahead' in life {personal growth}. These would involve the issues from the first part of the dream. There are old emotional issues {dinosaur} that have become monstrous to your overall well being {emotionally}. They are protected by the desire not to have to deal with them. You do not wish to give time and thought to them. But there has to be a examination of these issues if there is to be any fertility to personal growth {egg} in your life. Otherwise those experiences that continue to unconsciously control your life will continue to do so. What ever the issues are they need to come out.


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